The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee


Met a celebrity FOTF outside his new restaurant over the weekend. I’m sure the entire forum wishes him and his partner all the very best with their endeavour.


Not a spot


There was no spot lodged.


Who: Baz Ashrawmy, famous for trying to kill his mother and being Ireland’s favourite Muslim.
Where: At the Gaeity panto this evening. Up in the dress circle box on stage right.
What: Spotted him on grafton st beforehand with his gaggle of kids, I knew he was panto bound having spotted him there last year. Baz loves his panto and was singing and dancing away himself.


Who: Newstalk’s Something Happens frontman Tom Dunne.
Where: The parterre in the Gaiety at half time in the panto this evening.
What: Tom was wearing a scruffy style shirt and looked a bit lost. I told him I really liked his show and left him to find his way back to wherever he was going.


Who: Shay Given
Famous for: Irish goalkeeper for years
Where: Commons Street, IFSC, Dublin 1
When: 6th December 2017, 1.30pm
Other notes: Shay walked from the direction of the quays towards the IFSC with a young mate of his. He passed me along the way as I was stopped on the footpath chatting to a mate. He is very well built, quite small and was dressed casually, yet smartly. He and his companion turned left into a car park where Shay went to the booth presumably to pay a ticket. That was the last I saw of him.


Not a spot


Not a spot pal


And again not a spot


Shay Given is surely a spot


Fucking outrageous. That’s a high calibre spot from @farmerinthecity

Cc @Mullach_Ide @Brimmer_Bradley


The boss man has spoken mate, tough but fair.




Who: Brendan Cummins
Where: Mahon Point SC, Cork
When: 12:50 earlier today
Wearing: Blue jeans, navy trainers, blue hoodie
With: His family
Why a celeb: Played intercounty hurling with Tipp for years in the goalkeeper position and stole at least two all stars off James McGarry by making dives for saves when you’d walk over and catch the ball. Now works on TV and radio for RTE.
What else: He had his pecker in his phone on the ground floor of Debenhams, over close to the lifts. One of his kids was looking for his attention which he didn’t give. His wife is small in stature.


'Tis some pecker to. Did he have his smelly United jersey on aswell


What a cunt


Not a spot.

But James McGarry was a worse shot stopper than Donal Óg Cusack in fairness.


Jaysus lads don’t mention JMcG on here again


Surprised lads don’t realize the ramifications of mentioning his name on a Public Forum. :open_mouth::open_mouth:


Pecker must have had a different meaning where you come from. Where I come from having your pecker in your phone at the lifts in Debenhams would get you into quite a bit of trouble.