The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Twee

Green&white is a cunt of an adjudicator. There, I said it

Who: Ireland’s most famous sommelier Tom Doorley
Where: Benburb St Dublin 7

Tom was casually shooting the breeze on the street to a male acquaintance/companion. I somehow doubt that Tom was in the one of Ireland’s most notorious red light districts engaging the services of a lady of the oldest profession.
As he was in the street and not a restaurant, he was not working at the time. He possibly was about to or after completing a meal in one of Wuff or Fish Shop, both pretentious type places in the area.

No, and get out of my sight.

The sword has swung.

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it’s not like you to be using such base language Mr Locke. How very unprotestant of you

@bandage can we sort this out please.

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The sword has swung.

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Live spot

Ex Waterford hurling star Paul Flynn doing some business with two older balder men at the Midway Service area, Portlaoise. Paul is wearing a burgundy sweater, kakai pants and roaster brown comfortable shoes. He has a Helly Hansen black rain coat draped on the back of his chair. He’s the only one of the theee without a Think Pad but does have his A4 2019 diary at hand to take notes. “Flynner” uses an iPhone 6 which he texts using his right index finger, again, roadterish behaviour.

That’s a spot.

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An A4 diary and an iPhone 6?

That man needs Samsung Galaxy and stylus.

My apologies, I was out hunting

That is no spot

The sword has swung


Brian Eno, Sounds of the Universe Record Shop, Soho. Brian was browsing through the records.


Spot awarded. Five star. The highest profile spot of my adjudicating career in fact. Well done Fagan for getting this once great thread back on track. However, I would have expected you to prowl around for a while longer and give us an update on what he bought or was browsing.

I thought he should be granted a bit of privacy.

Sounds to me like he was working :smirk:

Decent spot. Well done on not pestering the man.

The sword has swung

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As good as my spot of Daniel Lanois window shopping on Grafton St a few years ago?