The Chelsea thread


He refused to shake hands with Maccabi Tel Aviv players before a European match. He was playing for Basel in Switzerland at the time.



Is he anti semetic


I don’t believe he gave any reasons or explanations for his actions. Read what you like into it.


Maybe he’s anti Nazi bankers?


I was surprised he joined Chelsea that time because of the Chelsea owner’s links with Israel.


Moráta scored more goals for Chelsea in the EPL last season than he managed in any season at Juve in Serie A.






I quite like what I’ve read about the new coach but I’ve a feeling he’ll be chewed up and spat out by the big league


I think it was silly to get rid of a serial winner like Conte for Sarri.

I like Sarri but he’s not a winner.


Conte has lost the dressing room and was rowing and falling out with everyone. That only ever ends up one way.


He won a trophy after he lost the dressing room?

Maybe Pochettino should try losing the dressing room.


The FA Cup Final was won in spite of Conte. The after match celebrations from the players and Willian in particular, told a tale. Just about everybody at Chelsea seemed relieved to be rid of Conte and his non-stop moaning and complaining.


A final won in spite of a coach and Spurs can’t even win a trophy.

Crikey, maybe Spurs should hire some incompetent loser, oh wait.


Odd that you’re talking non-stop about Spurs on a Chelsea thread. You have an unhealthy obsession with Spurs. Should you not be out celebrating the Tyrone win. Take a night off from worrying about Spurs.


Odd that you’re talking about a serial winner being a problem in his side winning trophies. It looks like you’re the one with an obsession.


A ‘serial winner’ who has been sacked any number of times and has failed to win trophies at the majority of clubs that he’s managed. Outside of the competitive advantage that goes with managing elite super franchises like Juventus and Chelsea, the top flight list of trophies is fairly threadbare.


He’s won a trophy in each of his last 5 seasons of club management. That’s a serial winner, something you’d know as much about as the difference between a Saturday and a Sunday.


Good start for the likeable Italian chap who’s name I can’t recall,


The homphobic/racist guy? He’s found the right club anyway at Chelsea.