The Chelsea thread


Good start for Chelsea. Top of the table.


To be honest, I’d expect them to get back in top 4 this season

Maybe even most likely to challenge City for title. In City’s three EPL title wins, they’ve never had Chelsea come second. I think Chelsea could spook them a bit more than a Liverpool or a Spurs (and to a lesser extent Man Utd) in that they’ve players who have won it before


With their resources they need to be top 3 minimum, last year was an incredible choke


Aye but they seem to have had a run of these two season cycles.
Win one. Waste a season. repeat.

Wouldn’t mind it myself


Go for it mate, Chelsea fans are all bandwagoners anyways


Kante and jorginho is the best midfield pairing in the league.

They’ll go very close and win at least one trophy. Bit light up top to be winning a league.


League or champions league is all that matters to a club of those resources, maybe uefa cup will be a jolly if they stumble into the last 4
I think they’ll come third in the league, city will demolish them again


City haven’t done back to back yet and have only 2 strikers. An aguero injury away from being in trouble.

I do think they’ll finish above Chelsea and it’s between them and Liverpool.


I’d imagine they’ll improve on last seasons abject failure under Conte.


The worst pound for pound performance in league history


Conte lost all interest. I’d say abramovich is hard to work for


Win 2 trophies?


He wasn’t disinterested in his pay off,
Abramovich treated him like a shit though making him come back for pre season when the whole world knew he was a dead man walking


Unfair on new man and players as well to have a half a preseason to prepare. World cup doesn’t help.


What 2 trophies did Chelsea win last season?


What trophy have Spurs won recently?


Back to spurs again :grinning:


Of course. Spurs fans seem obsessed with Chelsea winning trophies.


The Spurs fans bumping and keeping discussion going in the Chelsea thread and then mocking when someone talks about Spurs :laughing:


Conte badly rattled @backinatracksuit by winning trophies. He’ll never get over it