The Chelsea thread


Chelsea will win the league the cunts

Kante jorginho hazard are all top class. The supporting act are good enough too.


Kante looks a bit lost at the minute.


They’ll need Morata to up his game hugely,
Third at best I’d say


Giroud to replace Morata here.


Hazard takes some abuse.


Hazard is unreal. His balance and touch on both feet are amazing. Newcastle been taking lumps out of him.


Giroud and Willian is some ammo to come in.

City have never defended the title and description bruyne out for months


Still going looking for it and taking them on. A cunt but a flaking player


Is flaking not a bad thing?


Pelanty, very poor defending.


Poor call.


Hypocrite Boycott in 3, 2, 1…


Chelsea benefiting from dodgy refereeing and getting bogus penalties. There’s a surprise.


They don’t get as many dodgy calls as Spurs do.


Body shape all wrong. Allowed him get wrong side. Still, no pen


Yup, referee is guessing, thought might have been from the initial play but replays showed he played the ball.

Shocking defending to begin with and it was a tackle in desperation.


Not where I’m from


The size of the arse on Barkley, that is not the arse of a top Premier League player.


Kenny Dalglish had a bigger one than any of the Kardashian sisters and he did alright.


I think it might be a little optimistic to compare Kenny Daglish to Ross Barkley.