The Chelsea thread


@Cicero_Dandi very sanguine about Chelsea benefitting from yet another awful refereeing decision. Contrast that to his very odd hissy fit when Michael Oliver correctly sent off Buffon, the goalkeeper for one of AS Roma most hated rivals, Juventus.


Well that might even that up.


Arse size only.

Barkley wouldn’t lace the man’s boots


Definite foul.

Hypocrite Boycott in 3,2,1…


Shocking from Luiz there, dead on his feet.


Forearm smash


Hands in the “I am a pussy” position


Your hypocrisy there for all to see.


What hypocrisy is that?


Naked hypocrisy in your silence when a dodgy decision goes against Chelsea.




Not in limerick


I don’t understand full backs standing off hazard and Willian when their backs are to goal allowing them get faced up.

Goal. Yedlin. Karma is acting very quickly here today


This ref has lost the plot.


English referees embarrassing themselves again, a clown in the same mould as Michael Oliver.


The handball goal in the city game. Some of the red cards yesterday

They are a shambles and have been for years


They are corrupt too.

I’ve heard an unofficial memorandum has been sent out to referees and they are to ignore dives and reckless tackles off the ground from Harry Kane and Dele Alli.


Lovely one two between Yedlin and the keeper there.


Inadmissible hearsay. You gossip.


Hearsay it may be, but it may be an explanation to the way Spurs, Alli and Kane get away with cheating and thuggery.