The Chelsea thread


That’s the third post in the last 15 minutes on the Chelsea thread that you’ve referenced Spurs. Tottenham Hotspur have your head completely scrambled. Spurs are not playing until tomorrow night.


I’m just commenting on your naked hypocrisy.


Not a single English or indeed British player in the Chelsea starting line up today.


Bodes well for our chances of winning something.


Odd comment. Why do you say that?


English footabllers are shit.


England - World U17 reigning champions
England - World U20 reigning champions
England - FIFA World Cup semi finalists

How did Italy get on in those three tournaments?


U17 and U20 World Cups? :grinning:

Italy have won two World Cups, played in another final, won a European Championship and played in two more finals since England last made a major Championship final.

You seem to be focusing on outliers and celebrating mediocrity again.


Italy is a basket case now in soccer. World Cups that were won when Benito Mussolini was fixing it, in the 1930’s or a lottery in 2006, old currency now. Last three World Cups, Italy have failed to qualify in 2018, eliminated in the group stages by Costs Rica in 2014 and eliminated in the group stages by a failure to beat New Zealand in 2010.


England’s only international triumph was a fix on home soil with referees screwing the South American sides and then a dodgy linesman awarding phantom goals.

You’re even trying to bribe to host the tournaments these days. You’re shit and you know you are.

And to pick up on a factual inaccuracy there, Italy weren’t eliminated by New Zealand in 2010, they were eliminated by Slovakia.


Italy finished on 2 points in the 2010 World Cup with a goal difference of -1. Slovakia who advanced in 2nd place finished on 4 points also with a goal difference of -1. If (as I have already said), Italy had been able to win their group game against New Zealand (instead of drawing with New Zeland), Italy and not Slovakia would have advanced.

The nuances of the English language are lost on you.


You are utterly clueless here.

Whether Italy beat New Zealand or failed to made no difference to their fate, they had that in their own hands and failed to do the business against Slovakia.

Could be worse on the other hand, they could have exited a major international tournament to an itsy bitsy country like Iceland.


Ah FFS lads. Ridiculous shite here

@GeoffreyBoycott the only reason spurs are talked about on here is because you infest almost every thread with spurs nonsense. Like a spurs Trojan horse

Irish Football,where do we go now?

Huh? I referenced the fact that yet again, Chelsea had a penalty incorrectly awarded tho them. I hadn’t said a word about Spurs. I talk about Spurs on the Tottenham Hotspur thread. Presumably your comments about infesting almost every thread with Spurs nonsense, like a Spurs Trogan horse should correctly have been addressed to @Cicero_Dandi. Here’s the audit trail.


You’re berry berry sneaky about it


You never mentioned Giroud getting elbowed in the face for the Newcastle goal, just like you have nothing to say when Dele Alli escapes red cards for reckless tackles and Harry Kane wins penalties with dives.

Your naked hypocrisy, on show for all to see. I’m just calling it out.


You talk about Chelsea an awful lot on the Shylock Hotspur thread too.


There you go again. Another post on the Chelsea thread and you’re off about Spurs again - Harry Kane, Bamidele Alli.

@Esteban_de_la_Sexfac won’t like that.


I’m on about your naked hypocrisy.

You like to talk about Chelsea on the Shylock Hotspur thread yourself.


If you work your way through the audit trail of my posts on the Tottenham Hotspur thread, you’ll find that my postings there are overwhelmingly Spurs related.