The Chelsea thread


Hazard puts us 1 up.

Had been coming.


Chelsea’s fans in Northern Ireland will love the orange socks and trims on this hideous kit they are sporting.


It’s a lovely kit, I’m sure Armagh supporters will love it.


It’s a lovely nod to all their Loyalist fans in Northern Ireland, I’d say it will be a big seller up there.



Is that your own jersey?


That’s a Spurs jersey celebrating their links with loyalism.


What links? Chelsea and Rangers are the Northern Irish loyalists clubs of choice. Did you not know that?


Incorrect, Spurs are the EPL teams of loyalists.


Incorrect, that’s just a random flag. Chelsea are the most loyalist team in England by a distance, everyone knows that.


That’s a lovely flag.




We’ve had two nailed on penalties turned down in the first half.


That’s not even the Chelsea crest.


That’s a Glasgow Rangers flag at Celtic Park, is it? Glasgow Rangers have a lot to be thankful to Spurs for. We sold them two terrific players back in the day, two of my all time favourite Spurs players, Graham Roberts and Richard Gough.




2-0 Gnarls.


Southampton wasted about £60m on dross this summer.


Morata is back, baby.


Hazard’s the second best player in the world