The Chelsea thread


I’ve been hearing a lot about how this new racist/homophobic coach at Chelsea has them playing a much more stylish, exciting brand of soccer than the sterile negativity of Conte.


You’re obsessed with the “scummy” soccer, mate


I like the new guy, they’re playing good football, same for Arsenal and their new man. The battle for Champions league football (4th) will be epic this year.



Chelsea have a real problem with racist/anti semitic fans and holocaust deniers.


You’re an anti-Semite.


They might have to re-think this initiative.


Sarri seems like a very alright sort


Is he not a homophobic/racist?




I didn’t know anything about that to be honest

Seemed a nice exchange between him and Klopp.


He sounds like a very unsavoury character.


Didnt geoff boycott beat women


Sarri apologised. Move on.


Sarri seems like a decent bloke, he has Chelsea playing decent football as well.

Would that brand of casual racism/homophobia be tolerated more readily in the heat of the moment in Italy? He’ll find himself in hot water if he repeats it in England


Mancini is a drama queen. How is calling someone a faggot, racist?


He was labeled racist and homophobic. Faggot would be the homophobic side of the house.


You named yourself after a lad who beats women mate


Yes, he has no credibility


@GeoffreyBoycott the second highest contributor to this thread.

He is obsessed with Chelsea, it must be all the trophies they win that attracts him in here.