The Chelsea thread


Some cheek from Hazard to be fawning over Mourinho when he downed tools (for the first time) a few years back.


This is true.


@The_Selfish_Giant has no credibility. He commended Chelsea FC for a near 40 year cover up of a Paedophile/rapist employee and attempting to buy the silence of one of his victims for £50,000.


Change your username, mate. You are on very sticky ground currently.


Change your username for crying out loud


Another goal for Morata, 3 in his last 4 EPL games.


ave some of that you huns


Luiz should have scored there.


How much did they pay for Morata?




Fucking hell…


Could be worse, they could have fucked £75m away on Lukaku that time.


4 in 4 for Morata now in the EPL.

Great finish.


Good finish…


Awful defending also…it is only palace after all


Savage from Alonso and Pedro makes it 3-1.


Hazard make Chelsea the team that they are…they are shite without him


Four goals against the sides in 14th, 15th and 16th - Crystal Palace, Burnley, Southampton. No goal in the other game in that four game sequence against Man U or the match immediately preceding those four against Liverpool. A Romelu Lukaku esque pattern of scoring.


Odd you didn’t put the same scrutiny on Harry Kane in the World Cup when the big chinned weirdo only managed goals from play against Panama and Tunisia.

Vintage Boycott hypocrisy, pontificating at others as he goes home to batter his wife.


He has scored in a champions league final