The Chelsea thread


World Cup Golden Boot winner Harry Kane has scored against every EPL side he has faced apart from Cardiff City according to the doyen of Tottenham Hotspur statisticians @Matty_Hislop

Amazing the dividends you can reap when you focus on the academy and developing home grown talent.


He only scored from play against Panama and Tunisia in the World Cup, he failed to score from play in 390 minutes of the knockout football stage.

If you apply your Morata lens to Kane, of the 6 goals he has scored (5 from play) in the EPL this season, the same amount as Morata (from play) who has played less minutes, Kane has managed the following goals:

2 against bottom placed Huddersfield
1 against second bottom Fulham
1 against 12th place Brighton (a pelanty)
1 against 11th placed Wolves
1 against 7th placed Man Utd

He has the same amount of goals from play in the EPL as Morata this season and Morata has played less minutes.


Golden Boot Harry is a proven goalscorer in the EPL. First Tottenham Hotspur players since Jimmy Greaves in the 1960’s to score more than 20 goals in four consecutive seasons. Come back to me when Morata has scored 20 goals in four consecutive EPL seasons.


Come back to me when Kane wins a major trophy of any kind - Morata has won La Ligas, Serie A titles and a Champions League, he has played and scored in major finals.

He has won more trophies with Chelsea than the big chin weirdo has with Spurs.


Is that the 89th minute introduction as a sub in last seasons FA Cup Final you’re referring to there? He really made a big contribution to that alright.


I’m talking about the FA Cup Morata won and the trophies the big chinne weirdo has never won.


Antonio Conte has refused to meet with Chelsea and is insisting on taking them to court for the rest of his salary, Sky Sports News understands.

The Italian, who recently turned down the Real Madrid job, feels he should be paid what he is contractually owed out of respect, following his sacking earlier this year.

Conte’s lawyers have been working on two separate cases for weeks; one for an employment tribunal and the other for the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Chelsea have been trying to set up face-to-face talks with Conte in search of an out-of-court solution, but he has refused to attend those meetings.

Newspaper reports on Wednesday claimed Conte wants £8.7m worth of damages on top of his remaining year’s salary of £11.3m - taking his claim to £20m.

But it has also been reported that Chelsea are refusing to pay because of his behaviour while at the club, including treatment of Diego Costa, failure to turn up to sponsorship events, late arrival to press conferences, and parking in the wrong space at their Cobham training ground.


The wife beating, draft dodging cricket man is obsessing over Chelsea gain.




Classy outfit.


@Cicero_Dandi & @GeoffreyBoycott

Would you lads not just meet up and have it out/make love.


I always thought they were the same person ?


Could be true. One names himself after a woman beater and the other excuses a man who provided a character reference for a rapist.


Powerful pre match scenes at the Bridge.
@Cicero_Dandi must be really choked up at the sight of the pensioners in full dress.


I’m watching Roma play Sampdoria, might tune in later.


You’re putting in a real marathon soccer watching shift today. Atlanta v Internazionale and Roma v Sampdoria under the belt already and three EPL matches to come still.


Are you on the Chelsea thread again?

Hardly surprising, for a guy who claims to have no real interest in football you spend an awful lot of time on this thread.


Rudiger gets a yellow card after being headbutted by an Everton player.


Rudiger is the best defender in the league, a beast.



Bernard couldn’t reach his head ffs.