The Chelsea thread


It’s a bit like us saying Club Orange Pants is his sister.


He knew everything about everyone. Once he told me: ‘Simone, on Sunday you’re going to be marking a striker who has just split up with his wife. So as soon as you get out on the pitch, say something about his wife, get inside his head!’



@The_Selfish_Giant - bet you’re glad you ditched Chelsea and more recently scummy soccer altogether for rugby when you see the sickening carry on at Stamford Bridge on Saturday. Not a word of condemnation from any of the forums Chelsea supporters about it either.



He should turn himself in.


There’s a black lad standing in the middle of the four boys :grinning:


that’s Sterling.


That’s @Tassotti with Fintan all embarrassed behind him.


England and London in particular is a cesspit of racist thugs


Nice looking crowd of fellows in that photo.


This guy looks like a really nasty piece of work, an absolute scumbag, I’m sure his type exist at football grounds up and down the country but I’d have no qualms with him facing the full consequences of this, what a fucking dick.


Probably a big four partner.



The guy is the captain of his local cricket club.


60 years of age, the sad cunt


A pillar of the community.


Will u be coming back to Eire now that you’ve lost your job?


Sterling is from London via Jamaica or vice versa


Why have you not condemned this racist attack nearly three days on?


It hasn’t been proven to be racist. Why would I condemn something that might not even have occurred?


Sweep sweep