The Chelsea thread


If you can prove the allegation I will condemn. If you can’t then I’d advise you to jog on.

Have Spurs taken action against their racist fans yet?


Didn’t you rightfully hop up & down defending Jackson & Olding before the verdict in the Rape Trail?

Odd change of perspective here.


Has the Spurs fan been proved to be a racist to your standard of proof? Been the benevolent, trusting, see good in everyone type you are, you’ll be telling us next he was just eating a banana from his lunchbox and it was all a misunderstanding.


The Spurs fan was racist. What action have Spurs taken against their fans?


He worked for 40 years for BT. Man and boy


Raheem said he was racially abused. I believe Raheem.


He also claims the British press are inherently racist. Good for you to acknowledge British society has a major problem with racism.


Scummy soccer has a racism problem. It’s a lot more pronounced at certain clubs like Chelsea.


More pronounced at clubs like Spurs I think you mean.

If you are saying British football has a racism problem then you are extending that to British society.

Do you agree Raheem on his views on the British mainstream media?


Sweep sweep


Two wrongs don’t make a right, pal.


You go around calling Spurs fans Yids and then you use it as a stick to beat other fans with?

Are you that stupid?


A despicable club.

On a side note I saw the weekend’s Chelsea v City match referred to as El Plastico.


I came out straight after the match last Sunday week and condemned the Spurs ‘fan’ that threw the banana.

Woolwich any closer to weeding out the racists that were targeting Wilfried Zaha a few weeks back?


Your little helper Smithers refers to Spurs fans as Yids. Are you saying that @The_Selfish_Giant is a racist?


I’m saying you are a racist.


Italian soccer is the market leader when it comes to racism in soccer. What a surprise that the forums resident Italian chooses Chelsea, the most racist club in England as his English club of choice.


@Cicero_Dandi @GeoffreyBoycott Do ye ever sit back for a second and wonder how much of your lives ye have spent having the same pointless arguments over and over again on the internet lads?


Reading their debates have helped me achieve my career goals at work. I can safely say I am the most obtuse cunt here and I can give them there no higher praise.


you are of an angle greater than 90 degrees but less than 180?

See a back cracker