The Chelsea thread


Chelsea fans have been accused of racist chanting in their Europa League draw away at Vidi on Thursday night.

UEFA has been made aware of alleged racist chanting at the Groupama Arena in Budapest where Chelsea fans were reportedly heard using an anti-Semitic term in a song aimed at rivals Tottenham.

This follows a club and police investigation into alleged racist abuse aimed at Raheem Sterling at Stamford Bridge last weekend.

UEFA will wait for reports from match officials and its match delegate before deciding whether or not to take the matter further. Charges against clubs are usually filed within 24 hours.

A Chelsea spokesman said: "Anti-Semitism and any other kind of race-related or religious hatred is abhorrent to this club and the overwhelming majority of our fans. It has no place at Chelsea or in any of our communities. We have stated this loud and clear on many occasions from the owner, the board, coaches and players.

“Any individuals that can’t summon the brainpower to comprehend this simple message and are found to have shamed the club by using anti-Semitic or racist words or actions will face the strongest possible action from the club.”

The incident in Hungary comes a little under four years after a group of Chelsea fans were filmed preventing a black man from boarding a Paris Metro train before chanting: “We’re racist, we’re racist, and that’s the way we like it.”

Chelsea in January launched a campaign to raise awareness and educate people about anti-Semitism in football.

In October, as part of the ‘Say No To Antisemitism’ initiative, the club were reportedly considering a proposal to take racist fans to Auschwitz to re-educate them. Chelsea have already organised and paid for two trips to Auschwitz this year for club executives, staff and supporters.

Just last week, inclusion campaign Kick It Out released a short film produced with the support of Chelsea, aiming to tackle anti-Semitic abuse football.


a vile club


What was the chant


Yid Army.


Spurs sing that


Yes, it is anti-semitic


I believe it was The Yids are on their way to Auschwitz to the air of the Chas and Dave masterpiece. Last Spurs v Chelsea match I was at, they were singing it non-stop.


My cousin was in the Chelsea end this evening. I’ll text him


Is he in the BNP?



If true it’s a bad week for CFC.


He’s not mate. He’s a Labour voter afaik


Something along the lines of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Tottenham are a bunch of Yids


You believe ???

Who is your source ? You’re lying again


It’s the anti-Semite song of choice for Chelsea fans when they’re away from home.


Like Yid Army is for Spurs?


Spite Hart Lane



You’re talking about the Sol Campbell transfer from nearly 20 years ago in the Chelsea thread? You really are consumed by Tottenham Hotspur as well. You should be celebrating the big Woolwich win from last night over the might of Azerbaijani soccer.


I’m pointing out blatant hypocrisy on your part.