The Chelsea thread


The El Plastico franchises have attracted a lot of supporters in recent years.


They have a few mid 50s lads as well from the Ozzie days, not as many as the Leeds though, maybe 7th best supported among the Irish


Morata is back guys, vindication for those who consider him the best striker in the league.


Most of them are city fans now…


Benzema to Chelsea. Excited @Cicero_Dandi?





A total clearout is the only thing for it, there’s not a man of character among that entire squad,
I’m chuckling again thinking of the fans giving Hazard a standing ovation a few weeks ago :smile:


They must have no bit of self respect.


Hazard is only playing down the clock until the summer. They need to clear the whole team out and start again. Maybe bring back a few of the 40 odd lads they’ve out on loan


Chelsea want to win everything apparently.


Time for Guus Hiddink to once again perform his periodical ship steadying act.


Sarri refuses the handshake :astonished:

Are you composing your resignation letter @Cicero_Dandi


Be interesting to see if Sarri gets another season. I think he will need top 4 and a trophy to get it.

Unlike Conte, he has got significant backing of the board, they went out on a limb to deliver him the players he wanted in Jorginho and Higuain.

The side is quite old now though, you look at the team and you see the likes of Luiz, Giroud, Higuain, Willian and Pedro all in their 30s so they will need to replace these players.

Aside from the management issue, the transfer strategy of the club has been a disaster in the past couple of seasons. You could see it when Conte spoke about in public about his unhappiness in the club delivering the players he wanted, they have spent big money on guys like Barkley, Drinkwater, Batshuayi who he did not want.

Even last summer, they had no contingency for Courtois leaving and ended up paying way over the odds for Kepa.


I think you meant “game” rather than season.


So @GeoffreyBoycott was spot on, glad you admitted that.


Unfortunately, a decent man getting fucked over by a shameless group of players


I think they have invested too much in Sarri to get rid of him now, Sarri’s problem is he is an idealist and not a pragmatist. He will not change and they have made a huge investment in a player like Jorginho who can only play one way, I think he will get another season in any case.


It’s not all his fault, as Chelsea are a club with serious underlying problems, but he’s out of his depth in the Premier League.


Chelsea need an interim manager with a proven track record to steady the ship. I wonder will Coach Solskjaer be tempted.