The Chelsea thread


Fab has lost all his pace…

Yes he was onside…


Spurs up to 4th and two points ahead of Chelsea after today’s fixtures. Next up, for Spurs the visit of Huddersfield to the Empire Stadium and for Chelsea another trip to Manchester to face Manchester City.


A long way back for Chelsea if they lose next weekend and Liverpool + Spurs pick up 3 points.

Chelsea were dog shit second half.


Conte will be back in the Mickey Mouse league before too long,


Michy is a man reborn


Is this thread finished, has the last man standing turned out the lights?


Great result for the top 4




Are there any rats left on this sinking ship ?


They’ve been run… one of them is now an avid rugby football fan such is the tonking he has taken.


You couldn’t make it up.


How was Conte’s coaching this week?


Conte fella still has a job?


Poor I’d imagine although I didn’t see the game


Conte has been found out this season. Dreadful underachievement this season with the quality of player and resources at their disposal.


This used to be a good old thread, whatever happened to it at all?
Anyway they’ve done well to avoid defeat today.


12 points from 33 in the league for Chelsea since the start of 2018.


Arsenal will catch them at this rate


Sean Dyche’s resurgent Burnley could as well. Chelsea still have to go to Turfmoor.


Fucking Burnley will catch them the way they are going.