The Chelsea thread


He was there before. Won them a Europe League


He won’t take that job, tne chairman won’t leave him go without a proper battle,

Levy and Poch are very close, they’ll work it out

Conte proved me right, a cunt of a man


ffs, levy would sell his own mother for a the right number of shekels.


Chairman Dan is lining up title winning manager Claudio Ranieri apparently.


Only if it equals his valuation, there are other managers that Abramovich will accept that will be smoother sailing
We’ll wait and see but I’d be surprised


No shame in getting out tacticed by Rafa


You’d need to have no shame to be still drawing a wage after presiding over that season


They came 5th, got to the knockouts of the Champions League and an FA Cup Final. Hardly a disaster




Dont bother. He will be back in a few mins telling you its all just a cod when he realises hes talking manure


Of course they should have done better but it’s not a disaster in terms of end results by any means


He’s already a complete fool of himself on the GGA football thread earlier.


Great news, I hate to see a fella put out of his job, perhaps they’ll just give him a nice raise so.


I never said they should keep him on


Are there any Chelsea fans left on the ship here to congratulate on winning the FA Cup?


I’m a fan of Conte


Do you think he’ll be Roma manager in the near future?

Seems like a good fit to me.


Id take him down the line for sure

He is a winner


How many premier leagues and FA Cups has poch won Jeff


Why don’t you do your own research on that one. Mr Abramovich appears to rate Pochettino very highly. Widely reported across the British press over the last week that he’s his Number 1 target to take over at Chelsea next season.