The Chelsea thread


Have you got an English club who have been more successful in Europe than Chelsea since 2004?


Man Utd. Have you got a basic understanding of the word ‘most’?


Is there a tie breaker? Most semi/quarters appearances or anything


There is. Man U lost in both of their European Super Cup final appearance in 2008 and 2017. Chelsea lost the European Super Cup Final in 2012 but drew with Bayern Munich in the 2013 European Super Cup, just losing out on the right to lift the trophy in the lottery.

Chelsea are the most successful English club in Europe since 2004.


I’d say that’s fair enough so

Well done Chelsea


How is footballers kicking a ball a lottery, mate? You continually refuse to answer this


Players are selected for their general play, a team needs one, maximum 2 specialist penalty takers, there’s definitely an element of lottery to a penalty shootout but many many matches are lost by the best team in any case


United lost a couple of finals and won a world club title. Chelsea didn’t. But he said they were the most successful English Club in Europe, something that’s clearly not true. I thought @GeoffreyBoycott was a man of facts, of principles. A man you could believe in. I was wrong.


The world club isn’t a European competition mate


when did utd win a world club title


Soccer is an 11 a side game. When a match concludes in a draw after 120 minutes and it is reduced to a set piece gimmick involving just one player from each side to declare a winner, it becomes a lottery. If its a draw, just do what they do in test cricket and call it a draw or else have a replay.


I don’t like a penalty shoot out as a way of deciding a game either but it is most definitely not a lottery


How is kicking a ball into the net a lottery?


What has the World Club title got to do with European competitions? Strange post and off point.


Is Europe not part of the world? Winning a Club world Cup as United did in 2008 includes Europe.


I’m not really up for this mate, European Football is just that


Nemboesque Geoff.


Not a European competition.


Fine so. United’s two(2) runner’s up performances within that time still beat Chelsea’s one(1).


Very needy lot the Man U cheerleaders around here. Two losing European Cup finals (I’d imagine most Man U fans would try to obliterate from the memory) where they were destroyed by Barcelona in 2009 and 2011 are now advanced in support of the proposition that Man U have been the most successful English club in Europe since 2004.