The Chelsea thread


Strange moving of goalposts here Geoffrey. You stated Chelsea were the most successful English side in Europe over that period. They are not. You’ve smoke and mirrored a bit since. Poor show from a normally robust and correct statistician.


So if Chelsea are not the most successful English club in Europe since Abramovich took over during the 2003/04 season, who do you say are?


I would say that Chelsea are not more successful than Man Utd during that period. How you think they were with the same amount of titles is beyond me.


I said Chelsea are the most successful English club side in Europe since 2003/04 and the Abramovich takeover. Are you not now standing over your earlier assertion that Man U are the most successful in that period? Am I to take it you’re no longer pursuing the line that a World Club title is a European trophy?


You were clearly wrong. They were not more successful than United. At best from your point of view they were equally successful.

Yes, I believe United were more successful. But I don’t really give a fuck. I’m just disappointed that a poster I admired for his integrity could lie so easily and continue the lie when pulled up on it. It’s a dark, dark day Geoff.


You need to look in the mirror. You were trying to claim that a World Club title was a European trophy. When you were pulled up on that, you then moved onto claiming that losing two European Cup finals was success. If you are still pedalling that line, for the record it should be noted that since the 2003/04 season, Chelsea have appeared in 7 European Cup semi finals to 4 semi final appearances for Man U.


Are the giving out medals for appearing in semifinals now Geoffrey? I know they give them out for runners up. I’d say have a look in the mirror yourself @geoffrey. You were trying to claim that penalties were a lottery and that a loss counted as a ‘win’ somehow for Chelsea. Mad stuff altogether.


After getting caught out counting a World Club title as a European trophy, you’ve now moved onto counting losing medals in a trophy count. Mad stuff altogether.

Applying your logic, should trophies won in England not count for Europe as well. Is England not part of Europe?


@Juhniallio out of his depth here


Indeed. I find it strange that I’m effectively batting for Chelsea here. Fair play is fair play though and facts are facts even if it is Chelsea.


It’s understandable that you don’t want to answer any questions about your initial statement which was incorrect. Especially as you doubled down on it.
And it was yourself who introduced your supposed criteria of a tie breaker as if one was required.
It’s sad to see you run away from your posts and try to deflect attention to mine.


Agreed, if inanity is measured on depth.


Looks like Sarri will be our new manager.


A Specialist in Failure by your criteria. You must be fuming over this. Nearly 60 years of age and still yet to win a trophy in his long managerial career.


Sarri has had a very strange career


Yes. I think it is unwise to sack Conte.


Conte’s sacking was inevitable. Abramovich has sacked something like 11 managers in his 15 seasons at the helm, despite Chelsea’s status as the most successful English club domestically and in Europe during that period. Conte was never going to survive after presiding over only the second failure in those fifteen seasons to secure European Cup qualification.


I think it’s unwise to get rid of a serial winner like Conte.


Conte has won trophies alright in two of his seven managerial postings at the two elite clubs that he has managed, Juventus and Chelsea. Domestic trophies. Modest record in European football.

How do you define a serial winner? I’m not familiar with how he did elsewhere. What was his trophy haul like at Arezzo, Bari, Sienna, Atlanta and in the Italy national job?


He has won trophies in each of his last 5 seasons in club management.

He is a serial winner.