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You didn’t answer the question I asked you.

What was his trophy haul in the other five of his seven jobs at Arezzo, Bari, Sienna, Atlanta and in the Italy national job?


He won the same number of trophies in his first 5 seasons in football management as Alex Ferguson won, Geoff.


That’s no closer to answering my query.

The question was what was Conte’s trophy haul like at Arezzo, Bari, Sienna, Atlanta and in the Italy national job?


So you’re saying Ferguson was a failure?


I didn’t call anyone a failure. I just asked a question what was Conte’s trophy haul like at Arezzo, Bari, Sienna, Atlanta and in the Italy national job?


And I told you it’s as good as Alex Ferguson’s was in his comparable start to his managerial career

Now what you need to decide is was Alex Ferguson a serial winner, or not.


I’ve no idea what Sir Alex won in his first five years of football management.

I do know that Sir Alex won sixteen league titles and four European trophies, one of those European trophies was when an unfashionable Scottish provincial team Aberdeen beat the bluebloods of European football Real Madrid in the final.

Has Conte even got beyond the last 16 in a European competition?


Did he get a team relegated?


I’ve gone and done my own research on it as @Cicero_Dandi is just refusing point blank to answer the question. I suspected alright that the record wasn’t great when @Cicero_Dandi was referencing Conte winning the same amount as Sir Alex in his first five years of football management and asking me did I classify Sir Alex as a failure.

In his first job and first season an Arezzo, Conte was both sacked and relegated.

Conte was appointed Atlanta coach in September 2009 and quit less than four months later in early January 2010 with Atlanta 19th and second last in the league and Conte apparently at loggerheads with the Atlanta hooligan/ultras. His successor wasn’t able to turn around the mess Conte left him and Atlanta were relegated in 18th place. Atlanta had finished in 11th place in 2008/09 the season before.

The answer to the question I asked of @Cicero_Dandi is a Serie B title with Bari in 2008/09 was the only trophy he won in those five jobs. Conte parted company with Bari at the end of that 2008/09 Serie B winning season with his contract reportedly rescinded by mutual consent.


Odd that you think Alex Ferguson wasn’t a serial winner.

The Italian football culture is different, instant success is demanded, if Conte had been afforded the time Ferguson was at his early days at United I’m sure he’d have delivered success. He delivered instant success at 4 of his last 5 appointments.


4 of his last 5?




I’m not talking about Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Alex is hardly an appropriate subject of discussion on a Chelsea thread.

Quite apart from that, I haven’t expressed any view as to whether Sir Alex Ferguson is a serial winner or indeed whether Antonio Conte is a serial winner as he has proclaimed repeatedly himself. I don’t recall Sir Alex ever going around bragging that he was a serial winner. Coach Conte could learn a lot from Sir Alex about humility.

What is very odd is that a self proclaimed Italian soccer expert was either unable or unprepared to answer what I would have thought was a fairly straightforward question regarding Antonio Conte’s trophy haul at Arezzo, Sienna, Bari, Atlanta and the Italian national job.


I’m just surprised to see you don’t view Alex Ferguson as a serial winner.


I’m only aware of his last three, Chelsea, check, Italy, failure, Juve, check.
That’s two out of three so the two before that??


We’re talking about club management.

The best Conte could have done in 2 years with Italy is win one cup.


They could have went further than they did surely??
So success at 4 clubs out of 5?


There’s only one trophy you can win in 2 years of football so I don’t think it’s a fair comparison.

Conte has shown himself to be a serial winner at club level.

7 trophies in his past 5 seasons of club management is a good return. I think getting rid of a serial winner like Conte for Sarri is a mistake.


I’m just intrigued about the trophies he won in his first seasons with 4 out of the last 5 clubs he managed


Has Sarri got a good record in the Europa league mate? When is the draw for the group stages?