The Chelsea thread


Not really, mate.

He did a decent job with Napoli but he didn’t exactly win anything although he did get them playing nice football.


Conte seems like a very divisive figure. He has had success at Juventus and Chelsea but he seems to fall out with people just about everywhere he goes. He fell out with three of the pivotal players in last seasons title winning team David Luiz, Willian and most seriously for Chelsea, Diego Costa.

From my research this morning of the question @Cicero_Dandi wouldn’t answer, his tenures at Arezzo, Atlanta and Bari were all short lived and all seemed to end in various degree of acrimony. He doesn’t seem to be able to hold onto a job for very long. 7 in just over 12 years is a lot.


That’s the climate of Italian football. Capello, Ancellotti, Lippi - they never really hung around at one club too long.

The bottom line is he delivers, I think he felt let down with the say he had in Chelsea’s transfer strategy.


He couldn’t handle taking instructions from a women that wasn’t his mamma.




They regret giving Roman his Visa now I bet


I’d say the sanctions have them ruined.


Didn’t he get Israeli citizenship during the week ?




They’ll be back in division two in the next ten years.


It’ll be like the days when they had cars parked behind one of the goals again


Could be quicker than that if they replace Conte with Laurent Blanc.


The club has no soul.


Great news for Irish fans of the Pensioners and the Gunners .


Rumours of the last 24 hours confirmed as Antonio Conte gets the sack for presiding over a dismal season.


Is winning the FA Cup a dismal season?


The FA cup is a non event, last year was a shambles
Is this new guy a winner?


I would have thought little Englanders like you and Boycott would be big fans of the FA Cup


It is for the man that matters Mr Abramovich evidently. Bottom line these days is a Top 4 finish and European Cup football.


I’m asking your opinion, not Abramovic’s opinion