The Chelsea thread


This new racist, misogynist homophobe manager sounds like a right character


Be a major step up for Higuain going from a mickey mouse league like Serie A to the EPL.


How many did he score against Spurs a few months ago mate?


Jesus Christ, this place is obsessed with Spurs :grinning:


Spurs are an EPL team, Higuain played against Spurs a few months ago. Fairly obvious point to make


Everything comes back to spurs. Always.

anyway how many goals did he score


3 in 2


Wow, he’ll probably score 70 goals next year so, I mean Spurs aren’t all that bad.


You’ve really gone over the edge in the last few days


It’s all about Spurs mate. Only team the forum cares about. Alvaro Moratta was the last big name striker who had played for Juventus in the one team Serie A shortly before coming to the EPL. Failed miserably in England.


Higuain will need to lose a couple of stone to survive in the EPL .


Higuain is way past his best and still scored 3 goals against one of the top sides in England a few months ago

Morata was generally a sub for Juventus anyway


Yer man himself is obsessed with Tottenham.


Spurs are the 6th biggest club in the EPL. Higuain has been playing in a one team team Mickey Mouse league for that one team 7 in a row winning team.

You might want to take up Morata’s record at Juventus with @The_Selfish_Giant. @The_Selfish_Giant rated Morata the best player ever to arrive in the EPL courtesy of his exploits with Juventus. Is @The_Selfish_Giant telling porkies and Morata was actually only a bit part sub at Juventus?


How has salah done in the epl mate?


They came third mate, they’re clearly one of the best teams in the league, Higuain scored 3 against them.

Morata was a bit part player at Juve, yes. He is a good player however and it would be foolish to write him off. He got 11 goals in 24 starts in the EPL last season, not exactly terrible


Don’t watch Liverpool play in the EPL unless it’s against Spurs so I can’t help you out on that one. I know you see him as a coward and a fraud, you called Salah that any number of times over the past year.


Yes,was proven right in the end


Never liked him after that business with Maccabi Tel Aviv some four years ago.


What happened?