The Chloestoral Brothers

These dudes deserve their own thread


(4) SALAH POOR AGAIN! MANE DISRESPECTED! Liverpool 0-1 Real Madrid Aftermath - YouTube

Someone take the phone off the OP.


Disgusting armchair fans turning on the players


These two not popular with the scouse Liverpool supporters.

Did @The_Selfish_Giant just start a thread about Rorys storys wing man? Jesus wept.


In fairness they are a perfect representation of most of the Irish fanbase. The pisstaking the lads do here about the ratoath Inn isn’t actually much of an exaggeration of the way a lot of fellas go on.

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This guy makes a great point. When you get to a Final you have to show up

Salah was a disgrace out there last night

As Courteois said during the week - When Real Madrid play a final, they win it.

The people that put flags out are the worst

At least we found out what would have happened if ramos hadn’t mangled salah’s arm a few years ago: SFA.


Arrah look they are what they are and it’s almost ‘part of what we are’ at this stage but it really is mad mad stuff if you stop and think about it. :smile: Is there any other equivalent anywhere in the world to such a level? Even the crazy bastards in Japan screaming at the likes of Beckham in their Giggs pyjamas are the closest equivalent, they didn’t actually think they were from Manchester or that they were really part of the whole thing. You’ve fellas in Ireland literally living and breathing it and basing their whole identity around it who’ve more or less never been to anfield!

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Down to the local boozer in their shiny jersey for the big game. Calling each other mancs, scousers, gooners. We , us , ye , them… It’s glorious. But even better is seeing the lads it drives demented. You’ve a fella here who posts endlessly on EPL threads giving out about the EPL , that’s even stranger behaviour.