The Confessional Box : Give 'em Up

I’ll Start

I’m a glutton for Chipper Chips and Taytos; I’d dip’em into me tay if I could.
I have been known to watch Soccer AM
I record Come Dine With Me Omibus’s
Alan Carr, Chatty Man has me on the floor laughing
I have never watched an entire episode of Fair City, The Simpsons, or Desperate Housewives.
I used to drive a Ford
I’m allergic to Honey
I paid my Telly licence even though I said I wouldn’t.
I drink Smithwicks
I’ve only ever been with paddies

Lets have 10 from each of ye now

I love pints of Guinness but I can’t drink for shit anymore
I drive a car that’s 13 years old
My job is unbelievably boring
I’m a very bad trainer, a lazy cunt really
I’ve never been to the USA
Stripclubs, meh
I watched 9 episodes of the west wing in one night about 2 weeks ago
I once brought my current girlfriend to a hurling match, I think she was trying to impress me

That’ll do for now