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Remember mcgregor called out Woodley before.


I heard the representatives of a polar bear and a tiger are in discussions with McGregor’s people.


State of McGregor here. He won’t jump over the fence to fight Khabib and protect his crew but instead he’ll turn around and punch Khabib’s fat coach. A coward and a bully.


McGregors lived a life most could only dream of. He has lads in here driven demented. Its fascinating to watch.


I’m sorry to break it to you but you backed a loser and a failure.


Appropriate name.


Ah heeeyor.


This UFC is shameful stuff. Lads and lasses clattering the head off each other before, during and after, inside and outside the octagon.


Lads discussing MMA like its a sport :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Guys like @chocolatemice coming across like heavily invested shareholders in a company that’s going under.



People going on about the most shocking fight events ever, it’s not even in the Top 100


This is up there with the controversy when Boss Man crashed the funeral and stole the casket of Big Show’s father and drove away with it.



UPDATE: Sure looks like the Irishman spit on a Khabib fan & then took a nap.



Coach Cavanagh in a hurry to get somewhere




UFC is for very basic units. Can’t understand anyone going out to watch this shite.