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Allah Akbar


Well that’s not true


Not after the pioneering work of ROG. Sure he won it for some French team a few years ago.


I’ve seen some amount of videos of the Orish getting kicked up and down the Las Vegas strip :joy:


The tramp who spat at the Rooskie got some end for himself.


The Russians all sober as judges picking off the drunken Irish at their ease


hate to admit it but I have watched that a couple of times. Yer one that got battered must have read how to win Friends and influence people. :slight_smile:


A rude awakening for the bearded tap out hoodie brigade. Fantasists meeting reality.


The Irish boys too busy singing Ole Ole Ole and videoing it on their smartphones to see the attacks coming.


Reminded me of Euro 2016 in Marseille. A crack team of focused, sober MMA enthusiasts from Russia arriving en masse to batter boozed up English supporters who were ill-advisedly giving it big licks.


The Battle of the Boyne but with smartphones.



There’s a great video of a drunk o Irish mick giving it biggins to a few Russians. The dumb cunt spits at the Russian and he then gets absolutely laid out. Wonderful to see.


great to see that dickhead mcgregor get what was coming to him, and his fans too, they all got the shit bet out of them


No way? Incredible.


Grown men getting up in the middle of the night to watch this tripe. I’ve it on good authority the whole thing was indeed staged. Kebab got fully paid. I wouldn’t be surprised to see McGregor win the rematch. They’ll probably offer your man a green card or something to throw it.


Kalib should have given him a few kicks in the head aswell, that dirty tramp mcgregor


Can any of the UFC aficionado’s reveal the purses for Saturday nights contest?



McGregor is meant to fit ffs embarrassing for the country to have this muppet jumping around the place