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“Won the battle” :rofl::rofl::rofl:


So Conor got 3m, and the Dago got 2m. What does the “flat” refer to?


One shoe off


Fire up a few. I’ve seen none.


I’m surprised lads are still following him on twitter. The funniest thing of all was lads buying his whiskey and drinking it at 6 in the morning watching their prize clown getting destroyed. Sobering experience.



Those FB ones don’t work for me…I’ll see what YouTube has


apparently theres videos up online of pissed Oirish lads getting the shit leathered out of them while other pissed Oirish lads record it on their phones while they sing ole ole ole ole


I think they were singing “Dole Day, dole day, dole day, dole day”


My first time watching the full clip.
That’s brilliant. What a useless shower of cunts.


Just watched it on the laptop … drunken Irish can barely stand and the sober Muslims batter them …


Same as that, I’d seen the shorter clip, but the true majesty of the encounter only becomes clear when you realise the gobshite was out and away, and got brave as a result of the cacophony’s of Ole’s and started giving it big licks.

Yer man fucking ended him.


You can see the military training of the Russians as they get into formation and take up a defensive stance. The Orish military tactics consisted of dancing, chanting, spitting and recording themselves on their phones.


That’s magnificent. What a scumbag.


The Russians would have scattered if the lads broke into a verse of ‘A team of Gary Breens’. Ole Ole was a poor choice.


I havent seen any of the post fight videos — watching this you can see a muslim jumps the cage to get at Mcgregor as MACA was being held back … then the chap in red comes flying in. It was obviously pre planned. Where’s the clip of Conor supposedly throwing the first punch?

cc @Tank


Guy was an interior decorator.


Brilliant you could see the Muslims growing in confidence at how the Oirish were such blow hards and soft as shit as the video progressed.


It was noticeable alright that one of the Russians tried to rush up out of the line but was held back into the formation by another lad. Like a Greek/Roman phalanx. The drunken Orish then attacking one by one. Everyone knows when facing a phalanx one should resort to ranged attacks or move to out flank them