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Disgusting attack on him … his team mates being attacked outside the ring and 3 of them attack him in the ring.

These are terrorist attacks - these towel headed cunts should be sent to Guantanamo bay. Conor is lucky one of the cunts didnt set off their suicide vests.


That’s about the height of it alright.



Islam is one of the world’s great faiths with nearly 2 billion followers. A scrote Paddy, who doesn’t even have the lungs to last a regulation boxing match, attacked it and its followers to gain advantage in a fake over-priced slap-fest. An Irishman calling foreigners terrorists FFS. Justice was done.

Ironic that this man who ridiculed the way of Submission soon submitted to a Muslim himself.

Allah Akbar.


That’s some scutter.

The towel head won the fight — all he had to do was grab the MIC and laugh at McGregor, collect his purse and do a few interviews… could have shown the world what a class act he is. But no,— he is to blame for the whole lot, he incited a riot. His brother was about to jump over and join him when Conor hit out at him to stop him, then 2 more terrorists jump in the cage from the crowd and attack him — you simply cannot do any of that - no matter how much you detest Maca you can not excuse the actions of the camel jockeys here… They were the ones arrested and I believe Kebabs purse has been withheld. Says it all really… Fair play to McGregor - attacked by a load of terrorists and he didnt press charges… is even looking to save Kebab’s UFC career by looking for a rematch… it’s about the only thing that will save him from being stripped of his title and banned.


Zapruder is on the case again


Russians who have been brought up in a severe military style environment against Paddies who only have had the experience of punching a keybord.



Kebab went home and put on a dress and rewatched the fight :rofl:


Did you change the video there?


Yeah he’s some faggot alright, wouldn’t last 10 minutes in Limerick. :rollseyes:

I seriously underestimated how rattled you were from watching your idol fall. McFake having his face squashed into his own whiskey logo on the mat for 4 rounds.


I put up the wrong scene from Zulu.


I was fucking watching that :rage:



WTF are you on about? I was in bed asleep when the fight was on. I’ve jst watched the post match footage and it’s clear Kebab caused the whole lot. The only one rattled here is you… Conor is living in your head.


Win or learn.


That’s my young lads school motto.


We’ll learn.

Hopefully the loss keeps Conor away from the party lifestyle and focused on training… after 2 years out he looked gassed by R3.

I dont think he expected the Muslims to get so riled up tho… there’s a clip doing the rounds at the end of R.3 where he says to Kebab ‘it was just business’ … but Kebab is having none of it. Religion and motherland is very important to these fundamentalists… I wonder will Maca be so brash next time around?


Learn not to fuck with the Mussies.

So basically halfway through the fight McGregor started begging for mercy.


Exactly,what a fuckin wuss.