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Your man was crying into his ear - You talk my religion, you talk my religion ’ — Maca was like - What? is this 1818? This is business … who cares about religion in 2018?


McGregor didn’t press charges because nobody was arrested. The lads that attacked him were paid actors. The whole thing was staged to make money from the rematch. McGregor is now just a carthorse for the ufc.


A 100m a fight carthorse … Kebab went home, put on a dress and had to eat dominos pizza :joy:


the slap the fella in the red hit him, with the side of his fist, like a bad wwf fight


I’d rather go home and eat pizza than have to drink it through a straw like McGregor will after the hammering he took. Wasn’t he always shouting he’d never tap out too?


Hardly he’s tapped out a few times…


Dont think so ----

Conor picked up 5 times what your man was supposed to get and he lost … Kebab isnt getting paid after starting a riot.

Conor was the real winner here — Kebab will now have to go back to fighting bears in whatever shithole country he comes from.


You actually believe those numbers :joy: the ufc are more creative than Spielberg with their accounts.


I didnt know Spielberg was an accountant.

I have no reason to doubt Conor.


well he’s jewish…so… you know


Ah … yes…say no more.


I’d imagine we’ll see a Humbled McGregor being interviewed in a few years expressing shock over the gross numbers and being left with very little after tax and entourage payments.


Nothing is worth permanent brain damage.


You cant put a price on the journey. He’s the most famous man on the planet … everyone wants a piece of him… You’re trying to exist on meal replacement shakes and you’re having a pop at McGregor :rofl:


My respect for this Mussie neanderthal has gone through the roof. He lives by a code of honour. I see now he doesn’t give a fuck about his $2million but he’s sorry for dishonouring his father.

Khabib is now the biggest star in the MMA world, oh but Conor is the real winner.


Like many of the great Irish fighters of the past, he’ll spend it all on whiskey.


I had a steak last week.


Kebab will have his visa revoked and he’ll be back shitting in a hole in the ground and fighting bears … forgotten to the MMA world … unless Conor clicks his fingers that is.


Khabib just is the lightweight division now.
He’s the greatest MMA lightweight of all time. If only he fought in a real sport.


McGregor will retire on the next fight — hopefully it’s a rematch and if it is you can expect the Irish mafia to seek their revenge on the goat fucker and his goat fucking crew.