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taking pictures of the menu…

when you get to endzone son, at least act like youve been there before.



That’s a savage headshot.


It’s all staged :joy: visa revoked :joy:


His house looked like shit!


Haters gonna hate.

How else would I wind up cunts on here.


If it’s staged it should be right up your street … Horse racing is the most fixed game in the world.



Maca makes 10 times that outside the ring … the fight is just something he has to get through…


The money is fair shit :grinning:


Few adare lads apparently got an awful hiding in a casino over there


McGregor cozying up to Putin makes a lot of sense now. It seemed like a strange tangent in the story, but we can see now why the writers threw it in. It’ll prove important for the later plot development, where Kabib banned from fighting in the US, will grant McGregor a rematch in Moscow with Putin’s backing.
Like most movies these days it’s not an original but rather a reboot of the Rocky v Drago saga.


Will see how many of McGregors hard core fans travel over to Russia


Oh ya? Any of them badly hurt?


A great day for rural Ireland.


Hopefully. I was gutted Ireland didnt make the WC… I’d love a trip to Russia supporting our greatest sportsman ever.


Fixed to what you really meant.

#3181 I’m told the lad getting knocked out here is from adare but I don’t recognise him.


No I want to laugh at them, but I want to make sure none of them are badly hurt first.


It’s a little English village in the heart of Irish countryside


Oh ya? I wouldn’t know many out that way these days