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That’s what I was told but I don’t recognise him. You’d want to be very very silly to mess with the Russians.


Is that the only clip of fighting going around? From the comments here I thought there was loads of sporadic fights breaking out…


There’s a video out there of some Muslims locking a pissed Oirish halfwit in a cage and setting fire to him.


bump. @chocolatemice


Ya they ran into the Well boys I heard!




That’s the same fight.


He looks like a pikey,pointy shoes and no socks.You sure he’s not from Rathkeale


“Ole Ole Ole “ is a national embarrassment .


No McGreggor is a Dub. He just looks like a Rathkeale native


I’d invite you to watch the trailer for Creed 2


Thats a clamping.

Conors grandfather who volunteered for the brits would consider goings on propa naughty. A terrible few days for adare, dublin and British ireland in general.


Poppy McGregor will be be in rehab by the end of the year.


They never used to have to deal with this changing a nuns wheel. It might be a good day for the FAI


Coming from the OGGY OGGY OGGY OI OI OI brigade! :grin:


The Dagestanis were a grand bunch of lads once you weren’t roaring Olē at them


I see Ewan McKenna flew to Vegas to give some balanced coverage on Conor McGregor :sweat_smile:


Cringe for yer man shaking hands.


Cap in hand


Is that @The_Selfish_Giant in the cowboy hat?