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beats the drunken cunts getting knocked out cold. At least your man was showing that we’re not all drunken yobs - tho I dont know why he felt compelled to shake hands.


Because he’s a servile lickspittle


He’s shown the Oirish are either drunken yobs or forelock tuggers instead.




@chocolatemice is battling desperately to defend the franchise here.


the guy holding the belt at the end was one of the main protagonists in another video. I’d say Mick the Paddy was doin his utmost to get out of there alive.


What kind of weird loser is going through the videos keeping track of the random cunts appearing in them? :laughing:


Akin to a load of knacks from Moyross doing deskpops around the kitchen late one night :wink:


These lads are only small handy little fellas, 5f 9inchs sure he could be a jockey


all the pretend ira lads taking it as some sort of insult to the Irish nation, the towel head spiting on the tricolour…makes it even better


The US border guards who stopped a few of them at pre-clearance in Dublin Airport did them a favour.


That fucker who was knocked clean out, the way he was gimping around before it, he got smashed


Our lads won the singsong though…


There’s times for talking and there’s times for listening. Looks like a lot of the Irish lads got confused about when to do what in Last Vegas


Pathetic little bastard. And the oirish tricolour being defiled as is standard with these fucking pricks. He’s the type of absolute fucking wanker who goes abroad to support the Eire scummy soccer team and sings the fields of Athenry as they are getting hammered out the gate.




Did you notice he was a typical paddy. Pasty, carrying half a stone and pissed out of his head


Sounds like a standard bearer of TFK to me.


Can confirm he is 100% from Adare, as per my source from there.