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It was posted in a Limerick GAA whats app group I was in but didn’t know the person posting it or recognise the lad.


Are we in the same group…? :open_mouth:

My pal there confirmed it for me anyway, in a separate group.


I Lol’d at that.


Ask @backinatracksuit and he’ll tell you what @AppleCrumbled looks like


Has this gimp an Instagram page or Twitter ac so I can mock him?


Only @chocolatemice knows what he looks like but @backinatracksuit knows the address of the family farm.


It was easy to work out when it’s being sold a field at a time at a rate of one a fortnight,


Thanks I’ll pass that onto my cancer stricken father.



Eamonn Sweeney is now Ireland’s top sports journalist.


Coach Kav and Conor are going to save Kebab’s career… He should send them both a bear in thanks.


I witnessed a lot of this happeneing. Possibly the greatest collection of designer tracksuits I’ve ever seen in one place.


Why were they denied travel? Criminal records?


Yeah pretty much.


Did this come as a shock to them?


For some yes.


Smart lads.
Likely lost their flight money too.


Could they not have chanced going from UK? —


They’d still be stopped when they landed


Pocket money to them