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When he falls, he’ll fall hard. But that’s how it goes for the guys who play the heel. He’ll get away with one loss, he could even blame it on the weight. But the second one will be the death knell.

He knows what he’s in it for. A few years to make his name and then get out fast. Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s getting acting classes already.

His cutting too much weight
His ground game is going to be seriously tested by Mendes
His only fought Patsies so far
His a jackeen cunt, albeit a charismatic one

Heard all the above today, hope the fella wins, he is obviously dedicated to his sport fair play to him I wouldn’t begrudge him an interim belt and a big pay day against Aldo in Dublin. That’s if he wins of course.

His ground game. Fuck me iv heard it all now.

McGregor to break his neck and sever a vocal cord would be the best rest for the country I would think.


This is only what I’ve heard today, in fairness to your man explaining this shit to me his into brazilian jujitsu now, has couple years of boxing done as well, think they have a club down the dock road somewhere.

I hope McGregor gets battered by the other cunt.

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That will be nothing compared to the muck you’ll hear if he wins pal.

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Hope this cunt gets beat and the crowd of scumbags that love him fuck off


I’m just surprised that an egotistical wind up merchant, who is overly opinionated, thinks he’s better than everyone, that his is the only opinion worth listening to, who is into his health food shit, who properly loves his country and is at the top of his profession, is not a popular figure on here.


Irish people hate cockiness. Once any Irish lad gets cocky or team we all enjoy their fall. It is the Irish way.

Ah yes, the fine Irish tradition of begrudgery. A noble cause indeed.

If he was an American he would be a superstar I reckon.

He is entertaining, and his bollix acting doesn’t offend or bother me, it’s his way of making headlines and money. I personally wouldn’t begrudge him that, he could be doing a lot worse.


He is a mouthy tramp.
Of all the arseholes in this country he is one who is certainly not despised because of his success. If he was British or polish it wouldn’t matter as he is simply an undignified fucking yob who deserves a good beating.


Mouthy fella he may be, but tramp is a bit of a stretch pal.

Where are his criminal convictions to back this up, that game is like WWE in ways it’s all staged bullshit to generate interest and money.

Even if you dislike him which half of the country do and also reckon he deserves a good beating McGregor is winning the battle regardless of the result tomorrow night.

Decent deadspin article on the fight and McGregor’s career progression so far.


Whose trying to tone down things around here?

Surely, the title should be ‘The Conor McGreogor is a cunt club’


Great post.

he is a fucking tramp, hopefully he will be the leaving the ring on a stretcher, Gerald McClellan sthyle. a knack of the highest order, heard him making comments about Nazi’s about one fella, uneducated scum


This deadspin article perfectly captures the state of play. Personally, I hope Mendes smashes McGregors face in and I’ll be backing him @13/8

sure isn’t thing auld thing fixed anyway? isn’t it all a cod? I’d love to wake up in the morning and check to see on facebook all his muppet supporters crying into their bulmers

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