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Hope you man lashes the cunt right in the middle of the O in the


Big risk for him is that himself and his coach are not as clever as they think they are and he ends up losing whatever dollars he earns.

UFC is a franchise and owns the fighters and their sponsorship has to come via UFC

I reckon McGregor can’t lose tonight for business reasons

My tuppence worth.

McGregor is a clown but he will win tonight.
He will then “fight” your man Aldo at Summerslam but there will be interference from Brock Lesnar and it will be deemed a no contest.
After that, Aldo, McGregor and Lesnar will have a triple threat match at Wrestlemania for the world title. Lesnar will get the job done there and Conor will head for Hollywood


Any Irish person who travelled to Vegas for this should have their passport revoked


i believe that to 100% correct also
for business reasons he is a guaranteed victor, its similar theatre to the Hulk Hogan / Sergant Slaughter saga of the early 90’s except this time you have knackers instead of 12 year olds believing it is real


Massive Irish following long before McGregor. Lots of guys in MMA gyms all over the country also.


The usual clowns chiming in here who know fuck all about the sport except their hatred of McGregor- I can understand some of the ire, but that’s the persona he is playing up to so it is clearly working. Obviously there’s the usual Irish begrudgery mixed in too… He might act the fool but he puts the graft in also and good luck to him, he has done more and earned more than most of you planks giving out will do in your life time.

McGregor isn’t your typical UFC fighter, BJ Penn and Anderson Silva were two of my all time favourites, go look up some of their fights and you’ll see what the sport is all about.

McGregor is in real danger of being beaten tonight- he’s up against a tough little fucker who has top notch wrestling. Hard to refocus your game in a few weeks when McGregor had been training for months with another opponent in mind.

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hello from vegas

amazing atmosphere on the strip

walking in a mcgregor wonderland


That’s a ridiculous comparison. Wrestling is real. UFC is obviously scripted.

My opinion on this is that while McGregor is clearly a bit of a dickhead, he’s getting rich by being so, so fair play to him. The real problem here is the simpletons who follow this shit. I genuinely can’t work out who’s worse, actual knowledgeable followers of it or bandwagoners.

I hate enough people and things as it is. McGregor is too irrelevant for me to genuinely hate him. I’ll be fast asleep when this farce is taking place. Anybody who awakens at cunt o’clock and spends ten minutes trying to get rid of all the pop up ads to get an internet stream to work to see this is the real enemy.

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Just use an ad blocker mate.


None of you lads were giving out about UFC until McGregor came along and was getting air time on RTE or… It just goes to show that this is mainly Irish begrudgery for the most part.I’m neither a fan of nor do I have anything against McGregor FYI. And I agree there are a load of muppets after jumping on board but the sport was thriving world wide before the Irish bandwagon. If you truly feel this is scripted you’re off your head and again will only be further proof that this is Irish begrudgery at work.

i was a big fan of the Ultimate Warrior when i was 12 also,

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Great to hear.

would you go way out of that
its the rugby football craze for knackers

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It is very like that, mate. Social media is very instructive on this.

Of course it’s scripted, mate. McGregor is faking his own death next week.

I’m not really bothered, pal. I don’t follow it as much as I used to these days and I’m not a fan of McGregor as I’ve said but I enjoy watching fights when I can… The hatred and anger being shown here by some is making me fall back in love with it tho. I hope McGregor knocks this fella out in round 1, the Irish media to cream themselves and the levels of seethingness from you lot will be epic. Unreal.

Begrudgery against begrudgery is the real begrudgery.

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Anything you can do I can do better…