The Cost of Living Crisis 2022

The wfh is allowance is hardly much is it?

It’ll pay for a nice night out for Mrs Locke and me. Better in my pocket than Paschals.

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Plwase advise?

There’s a lot of info to gather

Start telling me what

ESB, broadband, and heating bills.

Then theres some sort of calculation you have to do based on the number of days worked from home and the amount allowed varies for some of the years


Its a balls you have to submit the receipts now as opposed to the old systme where you held onto them in case they audit you. The online system is very handy for downloaded tax certs and whatever they call the p60 now

You dont have to submit for the wfh relief.

My issue is my bills arent in my name so i didnt bother sonce the first year. Medical expenses and prescriptions you need to now

Its not too bad at all. Wfh took me about 20 mins to gather info and we got 700 euro back between us. Med 1 something similar and we got nearly 2k back but that was for 2 years.


Around half an hours graft for a low three figure sum lodged into your account a few days later. Even a high roller like @estebandaface could charge those kind of hourly rates that you’d earn in 30 mins.


that’s the dream boy

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Its really easy, takes 10 mins, you dont need bills, they do the calculation. Throw in your medical expenses too

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You get more if you get the company to pay you the wfh allowance rather than claim it yourself. Company can pay you a fixed amount per day tax free.

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She sounds like an alt-right person.

Looking at the thread she comes across a bit simple.

Has she checked cost of living in Copenhagen where she’s going on holidays


That is gas :joy:

Her grammar not be good