The definitive- how do i get to Lahinch thread

Start out on Lord Edward Street
0.29 Christ Church Cathedral
0.34 Junction 19, at traffic signals bear right onto High Street (signposted N4, N7, M50)
0.55 Junction 20, at traffic signals turn right onto Upper Bridge Street (signposted N4, N7)
0.69 Continue forward onto Lower Bridge Street
N4 0.82 Junction 21, at traffic signals turn left onto Usher’s Quay - N4 (signposted N4, N7, M50)
1.29 Junction 23, at traffic signals continue forward onto Usher’s Island - N4
1.79 Take left hand lane then at traffic signals turn left onto Saint John’s Road West - N4 (signposted The West, N7, M50)
3.07 At Junction 63 continue forward onto Con Colbert Road - N4
3.51 War Memorial Park
3.65 At traffic signals continue forward onto Con Colbert Road - N4
7.87 At traffic signals continue forward onto Lucan Road - N4
8.22 At Junction with M50 (Jct 1) take right-hand lanes to continue forward with the N4 (signposted Sligo, Westport, Galway)
M4 15.03 At Junction 5 continue forward onto the M4 motorway (signposted Sligo)
30.58 At Junction 8 continue forward onto the M4 toll motorway (signposted Galway)
34.70 M4 Main Toll Plaza
M6 60.13 Leave the M4 at junction 11, then join the M6 motorway (signposted Galway)
N6 117.53 At Junction 8 continue forward onto the N6 (signposted Galway, Athlone)
N6 117.53 At Junction 8 continue forward onto the N6 (signposted Galway, Athlone) Athlone Bypass
M6 125.43 At Junction 13 continue forward onto the M6 motorway (signposted Galway)
N18 144.58 NEW MOTORWAY NOW OPEN - At Junction 14 continue forward then at Junction 19 follow signs Sligo onto the N18
199.03 At Carrowmoneash roundabout take the 1st exit onto the N18 (signposted Dublin)
199.90 At Oranbeg roundabout take the 2nd exit onto the N18 (signposted Limerick)
201.25 At roundabout take the 1st exit onto the N18 (signposted Limerick)
205.00 Continue forward onto the N18 Entering Clarinbridge
207.90 Continue forward onto the N18 Entering Kilcolgan
N67 208.49 Turn right onto the N67 (signposted Ennistimon)
212.69 Continue forward onto Oakwood - N67 Entering Ballinderreen
218.07 Kinvarra Bay
218.24 Continue forward onto The Quay - N67 Entering Kinvarra
232.87 Muckinish Hill
238.65 Continue forward onto Dolmen Holiday Village - N67 Entering Ballyvaghan
245.09 Corkscrew Hill (hairpin bends)
254.92 Continue forward onto Main Street - N67 Entering Lisdoonvarna
267.22 Continue forward onto the N67 Entering Ennistymon
267.79 Bear right onto the N67 (signposted Milltown Malbay)
271.00 Continue forward onto Ennistymon Road - N67 Entering Lehinch
271.53 Turn left onto Main Street - N67
271.72 At church turn right onto the N67 (signposted Milltown Malbay)
271.72 Turn right onto Promenade
271.77 Arrive on Promenade

Are you alright there NCC? You seem even weirder than normal this evening.

im helping you plan your trip mate- why so snarly?


More observant than snarly dude. You’ve had a cut off me on a few threads now for no apparent reason. You’re normally a level headed and reserved character so I’m worried something bad has happened you to prompt this outburst. Hope all is ok mate.

your indecisivness about what route you are taking to lahinch has been bothering me for a few weeks now mate- the post today i admit has unsettled me- instead of letting this simmer any longer i decided to step up to the plate & assist you

A safety announcement - The N67 is no road for anybody wanting to travel quickly. Please disregard NCC’s advice and travel the safer and wider N18 and N85 route via Ennis instead. Thank you.

There is only one man who can answer this definitively.


here don’t use this route.

i assume you will be leaving from dublin, if you find it easier to get to the red cow roundabout travel via limerick if your closer to the galway n4 road use that route, there isn’t much difference timewise.

approaching ennis from either galway or limerick take the ennis/kilrush/ennistimon exit off the M18

follow the signposts for ennistimon and from there on to lahinch/lehinch

let me know what weekend your there and meself and a few of other clare posters will come welcome you to clare, don’t wear sunglasses a pink shirt or a scarf

This is Mac you’re talking about…

so your saying he’ll wear all of the above?

That is some waste of time and fuel, take the exit for Loughrae , follow the signs for Gort, from Gort go to Corofin on to Kilfenora and into Ennistymon and onto Lehinch.

Tipps and options, from Gort you can drive to Ennis and back out to Lehinch, to avoid the bottle neck in Ennistymon take the second right turn after the fork in the road from Kifenora and keep going it brings you our the Liscannor side of the Golf course, (just past the kerry co op) mind yourself in Ennistymon and the Claremont is a must see, you can also cut across to Ennistymon direct from corofin but I’m fucked if I’m going explaining that now.

Fanore is a better beach by the way

Yeah stay on the Galway road. Limerick is a shithole and to be avoided. be careful on the Galway motorway though - cunts havent it signposted very well - there is a turn off for galway near Mullingar - the other motorway M8? continues to Sligo or somewhere. I missed it the time I drove. Ended up driving on a bad road from Mullingar to Athlone until I go back on the motorway again.

Things to do in West Clare:

1 - have a load of pints in Cooney in Quilty. A lovely welcoming spot and friendly locals. They might educate ye in the ways of football. Tell them KIB man sent you. For a quality bite to eat, chance The Leon next door for some Atlantic cod and curry chips.

2 - head out to Seafield from Quilty - again lovely drive out to the beautiful Seafield. Stand on the pier and look out to Mutton Island. it is one of Ireland’s greatest views. En route pass out the magnificent church where Andrea Corr wished to have her wedding before opting for the bigger venue of nearby Miltown.

3 - Spanish Point - the Spanish Armada crashed ashore here many moons ago - sample the delights of fine cuisine at the aptly named Armada Hotel with amazing views of the bay

4 - The Coast - lash it into the some young one at one of West Clare’s many bussling nightclubs. A couple of pints at Frawleys, a look for some surfer chicks at O’Looneys and the obligatory blow job on the golf course.

thinly veiled “there is nothing to do in west clare”

NCC being badly shown up on this thread

Such contrasting fortunes. He set up two threads to have a pop at you. One turned out to be the greatest thread in the history of the internet and this one turned into a huge flop.

a mixed night to say the least

It can’t always be summer mate.

Is somebody going to Lahinch or something?

Left, right,left, left and straight through the roundabout. There you go.