The Demise of Mac - Aka Mother Theresa

His online persona and that of Niall Quinn’s are almost indistinguishable since he got married.

Can the married men on here offer some advice on how they made the transition at the initial stages of marriage and yet still managed to maintain what makes them unique in cyber space.

I could be going down the same road myself in the next couple of years and I’d hate to turn into Saint Mac in the process. It’s a really worry of mine truth be told.

Didn’t realise Niall Quinn posted on here. What’s his username?

Manuela Spinelli is never around when you need her :lol:

Thanks for looking out for me CM. Good to know I’ve got some e-friends out there.

This thread has clearly touched a nerve as far as Mac has concerned - you can be sure his pathetic defence of Fabricio Coloccini’s attempt to break Luis Suarez’s leg was an attempt to appear a little more edgy, a little less Mother Teresa-ish. It’s disappointing when a poster’s agenda gets in the way of objective analysis.

Mac, can you get rid of that avatar, you obviously dislike the cunt of a man, but it irks me to see him every time you post.

Thanks in advance.

He was the inspiration for my username here so he’ll stay around for another while.