The Dungeon

Dunph came up with a cracking idea at a staff meeting earlier*. There is a perception among many posters that the standard of some posts on these hallowed boards just isn’t good enough for the TFK brand. A cursory glance through the Board Room identifies a number of posts that would sicken your hole with the lack of quality therein. We won’t continue to attract great new members like Skint which that sort of shoddy posting.

As an effort to appease the disenchanted members we have created a new forum called the Dungeon. Posts of a clear inferior quality will be moved there. Members can reply to posts there and comment on them but threads can’t be started there.

If there are persistent offenders who are seeing a large volume of posts moved to the Dungeon I’d invite said members to get in contact with the Admin team before we need to contact you. We can maybe come up with some structured arrangement to allow all posts be automatically diverted away from the Board Room.

Thank you all for your time.

The Admin Team

  • Dunph does not commute to Dublin for these staff meetings but he does dial in from the manor.

Is there a mechanism whereby you can nominate a post for transfer to The Dungeon, or does the admin team reserve the full right to make the judgement?

Good thinking - until I get a chance to make a nice fancy “Nominate” button I’d suggest we allow nominations on this thread. I think we’re really talking about the lowest of the low here, this is not to turn into a vendetta nor should simple differences of opinion result in nominations.

Rocko has there been any progress on my suggestion of a classic thread sub section for those cracking threads of yesteryear…i believe I brought this up about 18 months ago and you told me you would get back to me

Very little progress Pukey. I did bookmark some “Classic” threads to remind me to move them. Won’t take long to do but the only issue is whether any threads or slumberous enough to be moved to a Classic Thread Repository. All fresh replies to the thread would have to take place in that forum also.

all the IOTM/IOTY preview/nomination/voting threads could be moved over they ain’t realsitically going to be bumped…Sure let the replies happen in that sub forum, obviously enough don’t move the threads that are commonly posted in but there was some excellent ones like the one about brothels that is seldom bumped or the puke has lost it which only gets bumped when i get bored

When bands begin churning out greatest hits collections it usually implies that their best days are behind them. I’d be firmly against a Classic Threads Repository, for what it stands for, in my view, and because it’s really rather nice to come across a dinger of a thread while browsing on the main board.


Spot on.

Trialling it anyway, no hassle moving the threads back. There is a link left on the Board Room for any thread has been moved so there’s still a placeholder there.

Im assuming this process will require adjudication of some sort…meaning that I need to step up which doesnt really suit because im busy this Weather but sure if its got to be done then its got to be done.

In short im in,where do I sign?

I want to nominate this from SS in the Things That Are Wrong thread. It was in response to a post from Bandage where he clearly identified the person as a lady.

Hey Rocko, can we put posters in the Dungeon?

Or even go a step further, create and put posters in the “Bold Corner”. If 10 people think what was said was really stupid or out of line then could press a button on the post, and that person couldn’t post for a period of time, say 12 hours.

Why don’t you want to post on main board anymore?

I think that’s diverging a little from the intention Dunph originally had for the Dungeon.

Everyone makes mistakes and that’s what IOTM used to be for. The posts we have in mind for the Dungeon are more premeditated, crafted and yet awful posts. So a longwinded story that makes no sense or an attempted WUM that’s just ridiculously transparent. That sort of thing.

A simple misinterpretation or mistake should’t be moved away.

the cunt from monte cristo has a thread about gga books- wtf???

to the dungeon with it please

there’s enough threads on books already.

Hey runty, if you keep saying nothing you’ll be safe enough ya boring cunt. :smiley:


Ok - fair enough.

Strong endorsement by Rocko for the return of IOTM :clap:

There will surely by a 2010 ITOY Award?