The Edinburgh Scottish Cup Final

The first since 1896 for Scotland’s premier city. Should be a terrific occasion. Real Irish involvement for a change in a Scottish Cup Final with Hibernian having Pat Fenlon as manager and Graham Stack, Matt Doherty and Eoin Doyle and Stephen Elliott featuring for Hearts.

Great to see no rep from scumbag city

Great thread.


Can’t wait for it.

Really looking forward to it and it should be a great occasion with the local rivals squaring off. The fact that the final pairing ensures 3 different sides will take the 3 major honours in Scotland also demonstrates that the game is in rude health despite the huns’ financial woes. I’m friends with Stephen Elliott but I can’t stand his club so I’ll be wishing Hibernian the very best of luck.

The fact that 3 different sides won it more than likely just indicates that the standard of the top 2 has dropped. Also we’re it not for rangers financial woes they would have walked the SPL

[quote=“Kid Chocolate, post: 672269”]Also we’re it not for rangers financial woes they would have walked the SPL

And if Anglo Irish Bank hadn’t gone bust, it would have remained a great bank.

Agreed, the standard of banking and the standard of the SPL has dropped. National and European results would put it on a par with Icelandic beach soccer

Your quips are awful pal. Here’s the current co-efficients for you by the way:

Best of luck to Pat Fenlon for tomorrow’s cup final.

Richie Towell and Ivan Sproule as well mate.

Roy O’Donovan too, of course.

I will be watching this in Wexford tomorrow in between watching the cricket, rogbee, newbury, derby semi finals, the Preakness, play off final, champions league etc.

Best of luck to Fenlon and his Edinburgh Celtic side today :clap:

And his first team coach Liam O’Brien too. :clap:

Hibs really have been Hearts’ bitches this season. FFS sake.

FFS. I watched about 2 minutes of this shit on Saturday night, it was appalling, I’ve seen better football at an U6’s game.

Sweet revenge for Pat Fenlon there and he absolutely milked it at the end with a rabble rousing lap of the stadium as the home crowd went apeshit.

Willie Gollum is some fucking goon.

Bad decision but that was a shocking peno.