The End of an era

It is my sad duty to inform the board that the Lodge is closing.

UL will be a far sadder place.

Heard they had increased prices lately, which obviously didn’t go down well with the frugal student types.

Post memories etc here

Sounds like a load of bollix.

Good riddance. If they couldn’t make that business work they deserve to close, good to see weak businesses being weeded out.

The only nightclub that side of the city, with a student population of around 15,000 within a 5 mile radius, and they can’t make it pay??

Get to fuck.

I agree. If run correctly the place was a goldmine. Cheap off-licence booze can’t have helped it but most would have got pissed at home and gone to the lodge after.
Some good and bad memories in the place. It was the kind of spot where anything goes and anything could happen there.

Looks like a shameless stunt. Already talking about it being ‘reborn’ again sometime in the future. No wonder UL students are such squares when the Lodge is the height of their high jinx. What a joke university and you don’t even get a vote in the Seanad when you graduate out of there. Jokeshop.

It’s business had dropped off a nice bit in the last 18 months…Often used to tip on there the odd friday night as was living close by, 2 years ago even in the summer you would have had 60-80 people and double that on a sunday night, more if Tipp, Clare or Limerick played a match that day, heard last summer they only had the bar part open and only a handful would be down there…

The problem nowadays with these student types, especially UL students, is they will do all their drinking at home and spend absolutely nothing in the nightclub. This is a far cry from the days when myself and my fellow LIT students would go into the Market with wads of cash to spend…

Indeed, the recession has even had an effect on the students…presume there are fuck all part time jobs out there and mammy and daddy haven’t the money to be topping up the drinking fund

SS as a Galway educated Yuppy type you’d never understand the beauty of the lodge.

Didn’t miss a Sunday night in the lodge for the best part of two years at one stage. Never spent a cent in there though. If this is true it’ll be the end of superdine aswell because no one in their right mind would eat in there sober.

Many great nights in the place. It was a kip for sure but what a fucking kip

Didn’t the Munster team use it as their base hotel also during games and trainings? I think they’ve moved to the Clarion hotel now. I heard they gone stung by a few knackers weddings as well.

Is the whole hotel closing or just the nightclub???

I think its just the nightclub closing TRE.

They were supposed to be closing while I was there and moving it up to the Groody Bar. But the basement of Groody Bar couldn’t get permission because of flooding problems. Groody Bar is one place I wouldn’t mind seeing closed. Cunts

Groody Bar can be cuntish alright…

I’m more crusty than yuppy :lol: The fact that you spent every Sunday night in the same old kip shows the limiting nature of higher education in the city. In any other university you’d have a slew of options but in Limerick it’s just ‘the lodge’. Bad enough that NIHE is way down the league tables for education but add the fact that there’s only one pub/club available and you’d wonder why anyone in their right mind would go there.

you sicken me, uncle tom

There is a city full of pubs and clubs.
In the UL area there is 3 pubs on campus, the Lame Duck, Groody, the Hurlers etc.

The reason I spent every Sunday night in there was because it was [size=“7”]EPIC[/size].

I suppose you’d prefer a drum circle or chanting sessions or something

Sickening you is what gets me out of bed in the morning, Puke.


I thought it was the Oirish Field that got you out of bed…

The Lodge was shit.
In my day you had to be in there at 10pm of a Thursday night. Why the fuck would you want be cooped up in that shithole for 4 hours, with sweat dripping off the roof is beyond me.