The Farmer hates Oasis Smashing Tunes thread

Best album of 2023 :grin:

It’s on.

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Council Skies is a good album IMHO.

Sadly the Mind Games cover isn’t on Spotify at the moment though.

The Love will tear us Apart cover is an abomination.

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All I can think of is dust rising up off parched grassy areas in various parts of Ireland in August 1995.

This is not strictly true. I can think of myself and my brother playing Liverpool v Manchester United spot the jersey competitions on the prom in Galway and sunburn on my back from surfing at Rossnowlagh and scorch marks on my front from lying on the board.

I can think of my oul’ fella having a row with my granny in Marble Arch caves and then saying “what are you looking at?” to a Northern couple who looked over at the row and then him going over to apologise to them a few minutes later, and then later on stopping on the side of the road somewhere in Fermanagh to make sandwiches, and the tub of Dairygold in the boot being full of liquid because the boot was like an oven, and my granny seeing logs on the side of the road beside the car where we had pulled in, and her crossing the road to knock on the house opposite to ask if we could take some of the logs, and the farmer who lived in the house coming over to the car and chatting warmly to us for 20 minutes, and it becoming steadily more apparent as we talked that he was a Protestant, and that none of us gave a fuck that we were a different religion to each other, and then stopping at Belturbet in the balmy August dusk to visit my Mam’s auntie’s grave, and me telling me Da I wanted Hill tickets not Canal tickets for Dublin v Cork, and then getting a puncture between Cavan and Ballinagh, and people stopping to help us change the wheel, and my granny reciting poetry in the car, then hearing on the radio that the mountaineer Alison Hargreaves who I saw on This Morning with Richard and Judy a few months earlier talking about climbing K2 had been killed on K2. We didn’t listen to this song on the way, but this song was released three days earlier.

I saw a lad busk this in Temple Bar once and he was great.


Great memories there lad.The 90s were fuckin class for us of a certain age.Id love to relive 90 to 99.The music and sport were unreal.Its the last time the Gaa was actually competitive,it’s a borefest now.Ner a shock to be had and even if there is it’s in a round robin so it doesn’t mean shit.



6.75 including booking fee…

The mid to late 90s was the greatest time ever to be young.

We touched the sky.

September 4th.

Definitely Maybe was released a week earlier. Went to Number 1 this week

Can you fucking imagine what they were like at this gig?!!

Definitely Maybe was released on 29 August 1994. The album sold 100,000 copies in its first four days. On 4 September , the album debuted at No. 1 on the British charts.

Off the chain

They played the Tivoli the night earlier. My attempts to get to this were foiled sadly.