The Front Page

It’s down for a while (possibly a day or two). Just tidying it up a bit.

What kind of a joke operation are you running here?

Shut your fucking mouth you arseclown.


This doesn’t concern you. I was having a bit of banter with my mate Rocko. Kindly move along…

I fucking decide what concerns me around here. You’ve been told once.

:o :o

On this topic… I don’t suppose anyone copied and pasted the entire site onto their own pc lately?

Would someone give Rocko a hand sorting this out…

Back up and running tomorrow night hopefully.

Front page is back. Still a few things to tidy up but the content is a bit cleaner and it should be easier to manage.

Again, any comments or broken parts etc let me know.

Great stuff :clap: . Can you pass on our congratulations to Dunph on the new front page please Rocko

I will do Lazarus. He’s taking a well-earned rest after spending the last 24 hours coding away but it’s done now and I hope he can enjoy a relaxing walk on his extensive farm over the weekend as a reward.

TFK Staff

CEO: Rocko
CFO: Bandage
Sacked: The Bhoy
Deluded: The Dunph


Thats been there for a while. :clap:

I like the new “Why Register?” feature. :clap:

I can’t see any front page


What happens when you type in

Have it now, did not realise I had to click on the www address