The Fulvio Whataboutery Thread

A thread to document when @Fulvio_From_Aughnacloy reacts to an argument by engaging in whataboutery.

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  1. Gerry Adams protected child rapists but whatabout the RUC who protected rapists
  1. A soccer competition is harder to win if one team is completely dominating it for years.
  2. A GAA competition is easier to win if one team is completely dominating it for years.

This thread will be long.

  1. In a discussion about the IRA atrocities of Patsy Gillespie and Enniskillen wonders whatabout the killing of Mary Boyle
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I don’t usually agree with the man but @Fulvio_From_Aughnacloy is absolute box office.

An INTERNET king of whataboutery

  1. In response to the brutal murder of Paul Quinn by IRA figures he queries whatabout FG covering up sectarian murders

IRA Chief of Staff and Sinn Fein patriot Sean Russell was a Nazi collaborator who died on a Nazi U Boat

But what about

Devalera sending a condolence message on death of Hitler

We haven’t even got to Ulster football yet.


Was it @Fulvio_From_Aughnacloy who ran a poll to pick a GAA best of team. A bit of Craic and pass some time. One might have thought…

when results went against his preferred team he engaged in gerrymandering and vote weighting in the manner of his fellow Nordies.


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If I was being wronged on an Internet forum @Fulvio_From_Aughnacloy is the poster I would want in my corner. His integrity is beyond reproach


Who was robbed? Tomas O See?

I am one of the few posters on this forum (I could stop here and my point still stands) who can look at themselves in the mirror and not feel repulsed by what looks back at me. I do the right things in life, a champion on the pitch and off, as Christian Vieri said - I’m more of a man that all of you put together.


More :ping_pong:

Go on kid👏

Wasn’t there the point of the RA blowing up the Dublin to Belfast rail line but whatabout the FG private army doing the same :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I never understood what whataboutery was until I read this thread

Surprising that you would hold him up as a symbol of virtue and upstanding.

I just repeated a quote he gave.

What’s up your ass?

Not Christian Vieri anyway

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