The GAA thread - part deux


The burnout issue won’t be solved until they decide to deal with the whole minor/U21/College/Senior Intercounty issue. Good luck seeing that agreed upon any time soon among the vested interests.

The other points aren’t all that bad for the whole part.


What is the point on burnout @caoimhaoin


Getting rid of u21 (just football) to deal with burnout is just bananas.
Do hurlers not suffer the same?

As many have mentioned, the answer is easy. No u20’s/21’s play senior inter county. Make that a bigger competition and dilute u17/Minor. Personally believe the effort minor takes is too much and the exposure is destroying a number of players.

The preperation for County minor now is off the charts, and too far IMO.

Colleges don’t contribute to burnout, and its silly to suggest it. The burnout comes from county managers like davy and others pulling lads to training after they have played games or like the Cork 21’s last year forcing players to play challenge games the night before a Freshers AI Final. That kind of ignorence is a huge problem. Most of the colleges are very well run and emphasize a free approach and a skill and games based approach (i realise there are the DCU’s who contradict this, but they are a minority).
The whole thing needs addressing.

He has a few good points, but they are all ruined by the few silly ones. I don’t see the obsession with profiling basically kids the way they do at minor.




i played sigerson, its a load of shit, why inter county players waste their time on it is beyond me


Thats cos you went to a shit college


You didn’t just play it, mate. You excelled at it.


i went to a university mate


I don’t know if that’s true, certainly for coaches that are getting a wedge or even trying to get a bit of profile at Fitz/Sigerson level they often train those panels fairly intensively eg Davy with LIT, UUJ? Sligo IT when they were in the mix??
I gather Morgan is fairly relaxed in UCC, Cregan lets the players organize training with Mary I. But they’ve done it all at this stage


Morgan doesn’t coach UCC, just manages.

As i said there are contradictions. But using davy as an example is more a reflection on him than any college.


Put your personal animus aside for a second. I’d suggest that more often than not the third-level teams are doing heavy amounts of training. Those competitions are given too much prominence relative to the amount of players involved. I’ve had this conversation with people involved with Fitzgibbon teams and they agree with that viewpoint.


Its player driven


By a relatively small amount of players is my point


So what. Its the standard that people enjoy watching and its the uniqueness of the teams and making different friends.

The odd college gets carried away and tries to buy cups, but thats been clamped down on now also.

What it certainly is not is the reason for burnout


Not solely, but it’s surely a contributory factor in burn-out if a player is on county U21, senior and Sigerson/Fitz panels. It’s a smaller player pool than is involved than any other national competition far as I can see, and those players are all involved in at least one other panel, and generally at a time of year when they could be getting a well-needed break.
They should move to bar senior IC players from it for a start.


Fuck all people watch it


Ya that makes total sense. Ban the best players from playing the one bastion of freedom of play.:unamused:

Take away the power of over zealous and power hungry managers. Don’t have 21’s play senior. Only allow maybe 4 years of Sigerson/Fitz play. Get rid of mindless McGrath cup type comps.

The crossover of lads older than 21, that would be elligable for 3rd level and on Senior IC teams would be small.

There, solved.


The best players at that age are playing for too many teams as it is. Also barring IC players would cut out a lot of the shite with institutions hawking courses to players who already have played in the comp for three or four years. Are we talking about reducing burn out or not?

This is absolutely irrelevant, but it’s motivating your argument. People do enjoy watching it, but only in handfuls, there isn’t thousands on the Mardyke watching group games whatever you might claim. Nothing to do with burnout.
The teams would still be unique, and people would still get to make friends with different people.
It’s touching that you worry about it, but that again has nothing to do with burn out.


But you want to make a county players drearier by taking that away from him. I would see certain lads say right “fuck county hurling, i’m at leasy going to wnjoy some of my year”. Players are already abdoning playing county if things are not right. I expect to see it become a bit more common place unless there is change.

It beggars belief. Your suggestion has no grounding either emotionally, physically or scientifically. College hurling and football is not the problem with burnout. Anyone at all involved will tell you that. Generally the Senior IC manager is the issue, or dual status or occassionally an u21 Manager.

And burnout only happens with a few players, usually unlucky managers or dual. It has decreased significantly to my anecdotal knowledge and personal experience.

You can’t legislate for ignorance though and removing a brilliant competition because of a few individuals is more than stupid.


Agreed, county players shouldn’t be playing university football.