The GAA thread - part deux


“Elitism” is the GAA version of “liberal” - a word that backward weirdos use as a pejorative term which they think symbolises all evil.

Representative sport is by definition “elitist” and always has been.

It’s not Podrick Duffy who drives that.


How twee


The Super 8s will be no worse than the current system to be honest.

My only gripe is that it may create a few dead rubber games which I don’t like.


Anybody who has a problem with format changes in the All-Ireland championships should take it up with the majority of delegates that voted for these changes.

The delegates are the representatives of the grass roots.

Therefore it’s the grass roots that has changed the format, not Podrick Duffy.


Names of potential successors include John Costello, McGill, Liam Sheedy, Jarlath Burns and Peter McKenna. I put a bit of thought into this yesterday and have decided not to let my name go forward.




Tom Ryan and McGill are the two inside men


I’ve heard from a very good source that Sheedy is well in for this

cc @Smark


Its time for a hurling man.


I see Trinity Camogie beat St Pats Thurles 21-26 to 2-2 last week.

Surely the biggest winning margin in then GAA ?


Camogie? get ta fuck




I doubt this has been bettered in the history of the Liam MacCarthy



are you a simpleton?



FAO @bandage.


Great result for us - I love hearing about Dublin University teams doing well in any code.


I don’t have a business related degree, so I’m out.


They’ve done away with the requirement for a business degree and extended the deadline to 19 January. Amateur hour.


Are you back in the hunt so?