The Gathering, is it a just a scam?

So lads is Gabriel Byrne right is this Gathering thing just a big scam. I agree with Gabriel, it is a big scam, sure they have no big event on really next year that they can call the gathering. Typical of the clowns in government really. Some fucking spoofer of an advisor must of said the Mr European of year Enda, here Enda why don’t we have this thing called the gathering, get people to invite uncle paddy home for a pint but we wont put on any big events. Load of shite.

Buy a jumper and fuck off.

Why do they need to be invited for big events? It’s all about local communities organising local events. Not a bad idea if you ask me as each local community has the chance to benefit rather than 1 big event in 1 location. If Byrne doesn’t want to come home for it then he doesn’t have to.

After listening to him on Matt Cooper last night I now loathe Gabriel. He sounded like an absolute retard.

This is all an elaborate attempt to get the yanks over to spend some cash, it’s pretty obviously a scam but I don’t think anyone ever thought otherwise.

A sham more than a scam

where is everyone gathering if i do decide to make a trip back?

The 51 would be a good place to start.

Papal Cross in Phoenix Park?

Ah yeah yeah side of ham, s’ham yeah yeah, giz a s’ham there

You really are a cunt.

Of course it’s a sham. Gabriel Byrne is a fucktard for telling the yanks though.

Of course it’s about the ole dollars. But Britain and Oz are also being targeted too and there are a good few heritage projects linked to it. One such one is the resurrection of the Clan- Yeah, in some ways a load of gash and not for everyone- But a fun way to get involved and find out about your families history and heritage. My own one hasn’t been set up yet, but it did send me off doing a bit of research. We were heavily linked to the McNamara’s of Thomond- and fought in various wars for them and the O’Briens. Interestingly there were only 9 of my name left in the 1650’s when they were dispossessed by Cromwell- I dont know if that was families or just males excluding families. I’m placing my ancestral home in Culluan, just west of Kilkishen- As lord of the Clan I may ask all my clansmen to gather here in 2013.

So, there you go, the gathering is obviously a very worth while project.

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You really are a cunt.[/quote]

It’s just an advertising scam to get people to come to Ireland in the off season. If they were serious about it they would have organized it in the peak summer season or the Christmas period. Not in dreary old November when the hotels are empty and there is nothing else going on.

What are you shitting on about? Events are on all year.

I think it will need Craig Doyle and Kathryn Thomas presenting a show about it before it will be accepted here.

I am going to give all my American cousins a tour on Kileenavara graveyard and tell them the tale of THE LONG BLACK HAND.

That is completely wrong. Apologise at once.

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That’s more like it.