The Greens will be gone as a party soon

The motion to rollback the cuts in education is defeated 80 to 74.
The greens voted with the government (no surprise), but throughout the week they have ben bacging on how they will oppose it.
Sorry lads, but this was the place to do it and ye faltered.
It’s a case of staying in power no matter what.
The will be slaughtered at the next elections and at local elections.
FF will continue to have their blind normal support.
The greens will be gone.

No harm. CArbon TAX my hole.

Yours etc,

Getting into bed with FF seems to be a poisoned chalice. FF seem to be very good at deflecting the limelight to the government partner. The outcry at the moment seems to be “why aren’t the greens stopping them?” instead of “Why are FF doing that?”.
Similar to the way they lumped the PDs with Justice and Health departments.

Not defending the greens here by the way. They are a joke of a party.

If so good riddance.

[quote=“Garda Sean Horgan”]The motion to rollback the cuts in education is defeated 80 to 74.
The greens voted with the government (no surprise), but throughout the week they have ben bacging on how they will oppose it.
Sorry lads, but this was the place to do it and ye faltered.
It’s a case of staying in power no matter what.
The will be slaughtered at the next elections and at local elections.
FF will continue to have their blind normal support.
The greens will be gone.

No harm. CArbon TAX my hole.

Yours etc,

I’ve been criticising the Greens all week on here but saying that “throughout the week they have bewn banging on how they will oppose it” is just plain wrong. They’ve made it abundantly clear from the start that they supported the cut-backs in education.

Think it’s still an appalling sellout for them - people were a bit harsh on them on the medical cards issue, given that their policy going into the last election was that medical cards should be means-tested. Whatever the rights and wrongs of that policy they can hardly be faulted for sticking to it.

But this education thing is ridiculous. This is their most important non-environmental policy and instead of getting the improvements they’ve campaigned for and written into the programme for government they’ve gone and sold themselves for disimprovements.

Wouldn’t wish good riddance on their demise though - didn’t even do that for the PDs because we need to have pluralism in our electoral system, particularly when TDs are so reluctant to ignore the party whip in Ireland. And they are a party that held much appeal for me but this is crazy stuff from them.

Michael McDowell would have been at the top of a lot of people’s list as one they wanted to get rid of, but what could never be denied was his capability and we could do with someone like McDowell now that things are getting rough. Sure anyone can Govern when there is a surplus.

I disagree with Patricia McKenna on many issues but at least she could see the sell out developing before her eyes. They are finished and I for one won’t shed a tear for them.

im with Rock on this one- we need a party like the greens in our democracy but in hindsight they will regret not being on the outside criticising the whistlings in FF- too many careerists might have been there mistake. A lot of there anti global warming policies make sense but some of there anti animal in sport policis are a bit camp

Yeah good call on McKenna SS**. To be fair she was a bit contrary on too many issues - like vaccinations and things like that - but there should have been room for him in a party like the Greens. Now they’re just left with the left blankets who are just towing a party line through the sand that has been eroded by the great FF tide.

Bye bye ye shower of cunts

You should enter that in a competition.

This doesn’t look good for the Greens at all.

Putting the record straight

Over the past few days I have heard and read many of the comments that have been made publicly about my recent resignation. I would like to correct some of the inaccurate information that has been put into the public domain in order to allow people to make their own minds up about my resignation, based on the facts.

Threats to the Green Party

Firstly it has been suggested that I made threats about ‘damaging’ the Green Party. I think most people who are familiar with my political record will acknowledge that I have always tried to act in the best interests of the party. In fact, even though I have resigned from the Parliamentary Party (and not the party itself) I am still deeply concerned about the party’s future. Before I resigned however I was very clear with my colleagues that I believed my resignation could be damaging for the party. This was a statement of fact, not a threat, and the events that have occurred since have proven the accuracy of my predictions. Unfortunately I do not believe that I had any alternative but to resign given the circumstances.

Disappointment over the Brussels job

It has also been said that my resignation was motivated by a failure to get a job in Brussels . I openly admit that the failure of my party leader to insist that our government partners honour a clear agreement they had entered into with him about a position in Brussels was the trigger for my resignation but it most certainly was not the cause. The focus on the Brussels job distracts from significant events within the parliamentary party which reflected my growing concern at the kind of decisions that we were continuing to support in government, and the treatment that we appeared willing to put up with from our government partners in order to stay in government.

These events came to a head in July 2009 when I absented myself from a vote on an opposition amendment to the Defamation Bill which attempted to delete the crime of blasphemy from the bill. When the government lost the first vote I was summoned to the Seanad Chamber and told to vote with the government in a walk-through vote. I was sharply chastised at a subsequent Green Parliamentary Party meeting and was told that if I failed to support the government in a vote again that I would lose the party whip. I was also put under strong pressure to support the Criminal Justice (Amendment) Bill. Eventually Senator Dan Boyle and I failed to support the government on the final votes on that bill. This was because we were deeply unhappy with the way in which the Minister for Justice had dealt with the Green Party’s input to the legislation. When the Seanad returned after the summer break, I spoke with John Gormley as Party leader, and explained to him how uncomfortable I was at having to support certain upcoming government decisions. I told him that I was considering leaving the parliamentary party. From that point on he was very aware of my position regarding remaining in government.

Green Party lobbying of Brian Cowen for Brussels job

The third inaccurate claim that has been made publicly about my resignation is that my party had agreed only to lobby on my behalf with Brian Cowen in relation to a position in Maire Geoghegan Quinn’s new cabinet. In fact, John Gormley told me clearly that he had negotiated a position for a Green in her new cabinet as a basic condition of Green Party support for her nomination. The Green Party had favoured Pat Cox for the position of Commissioner, and. the two Green Ministers actively lobbied Brian Cowen to have him nominated for the post. However, Fianna Fail was insistent that one of their own be nominated, and favoured Maire Geoghegan Quinn. The Green Party eventually agreed to support her nomination subject to the condition that there be a position for a Green in her cabinet. I queried John Gormley at the time as to whether this was not a decision that the new Commissioner Designate herself would have to make. John told me that Brian Cowen had telephoned Maire Geoghegan Quinn last November and made her aware of this condition before she was officially nominated. I asked how she had reacted to the news and he told me that she had agreed because she was very interested in the nomination. This occurred last November and while there were obvious sensitivities about discussing the matter publicly before the Commissioner was appointed, there was no uncertainty about it. Any suggestion therefore that my party had merely agreed to lobby Brian Cowen for me in relation to the position is very misleading.

Research portfolio unsuitable for a Green

The subsequent news that the Research and Innovation portfolio had been assigned to the Irish Commissioner was very welcome to me. This portfolio area will be critical in assisting the European Union to achieve its most important strategic objective of becoming an internationally-competitive, low-carbon economy based on innovation in many new areas of green enterprise and technology. The broad scope of the research portfolio includes health, agriculture, energy, environment, sustainable development, transport and industrial technologies. A Green presence in that cabinet would have a valuable contribution to make to the work of the DG. John Gormley’s early insistence on having a Green in the cabinet seemed a very sensible one. However, the Sunday Business Post recently (14/2/10) described the Commissioner’s cabinet as a “praetorian guard…expected to be completely loyal to their principal…inevitably de Burca would have been seen as an outsider”. Perhaps a form of political tribalism is a more accurate explanation for the failure of our government partners to honour the agreement that was made with John Gormley last November than any concerns about the “technical ability” of the green candidate for the position. It is indicative of the weakness of the Green Party’s position in government at present that, given the opportunity to influence the momentum in the EU towards a greener low-carbon European economy, my party allowed itself to be “shafted” (to quote John Gormley). It indicates a particular attitude towards green policies that became very familiar in dealing with our government partners in Leinster House. I regret that John Gormley seems willing to allow the party to be so regularly outmanouevred in this way in the interests of remaining in government, rather than asserting the interests of the Green Party and its constituency.

My motivations

Finally I would like to address the issue of my motivation in resigning from the Green Parliamentary Party and Seanad Eireann. The past few weeks leading up to my resignation were very extremely difficult ones for me. Three weeks ago a Senior Minister (who is not a Green Party member) stopped me on the corridors of Government Buildings and informed me that the position in Maire Geoghegan Quinn’s cabinet, popularly understood be held for me based on the agreement with my party leader, had been offered to another individual. This was the first indication I had that the position was not going to be offered to me. I immediately spoke to John Gormley but it took a further week to confirm that the agreement had been breached by our government partners. I encouraged him to insist on the agreement being honoured but he told me that he was powerless to do so. He told me that our government partners were willing to offer me a position as Chef de Cabinet in the European Court of Auditors. I turned the position down on the basis that I do not believe I have the necessary skills or experience to carry out the important work of ensuring that the EU Budget is correctly implemented. I was offered this position on several occasions. I made it clear to the Green Party and Fianna Fail that I was not looking for a ‘plum’ and well-paid job in Brussels but rather that I genuinely want to make a serious contribution to ensuring that the European Union leads the way internationally towards a more sustainable and responsible way of living on the planet.

I resigned from the Green Parliamentary Party without any clear plans about my future. I do not regret the decision, although I am obviously concerned about what lies ahead. I hope my resignation will cause the Green Party Parliamentary Party members to seriously rethink their role in government. If they do not, I believe they risk consigning the Green Party in Ireland to political oblivion for the foreseeable future. This would be a very real tragedy and I sincerely hope that it does not happen.

was gonna post on this

fair play to de burca for standing up to the spin that’s been put out, even the stories carrying her response have it “de burca resigned over eu post”, when it should be de burca resigns over greens being emasculated by FF

Interesting stuff.

She’s certainly made her European ambitions clear in the past and her constituency swapping probably made it easy to paint her as a power-hungry whinge at the weekend. But she’s come out with some fairly strong “facts” there that will take some refuting.

I think it’s quite clear that she was promised the job. Wonder what will happen with the second promise that she referred to last week that doesn’t relate to her.

the greens have been badly exposed here, and the poll over the weekend reflected that, the peopl,e believe de burca a lot more than gormley and his abnd of naive idiots

I’m just waiting for mcdowell to enter the fray and deliver the coup de grace

mayhem in the green party this morning after dan boyle lowered the blade on Willie and FF on Facebook and Twitter, despite his party giving Willie full support in the Dail.

if the greens had any gumption they could have got Willie out, no way would FF have let the Government fall on this, no way.

in Twitter and facebook it seems the greens have found their level.

Dan Boyle has become a fan of Willies Moustache.

The title of this thread makes me smile everytime its bumped back up.

When the great day comes it will be a cognac and cigars moment for the country.

I’d fire it into Deirdre. :pint:

I wonder if in the interests of the environment she would refuse to let you wear a rubber

something about her alright, very clean looking or something.