The guess the pub thread

The 60s booth with the daughter


Interesting, that place has aroused my curiosity a few times, never been in it. Has the vibe of an absolute dive from the outside but looks the pure solid finesht there.

Charlie Malone’s

Best pub in Limerick.

Would be on any shortlist anyway.

I see JJ Bowles won some pub of the year competition last week.

Jjs is a lovely pub. But it doesn’t have the madness of Charlie’s. Charlie’s is full of weirdos in a good way. The amount of nights you’d be there and nothing going on and a sing song would start because someone pulls a guitar off a wall or some mad cunt would be going around the place and everyone hopping off them.

People talk to you there like a country pub. As in randomers would just sit down beside you and start chatting. In a way that doesn’t normally happen in a city pub. Every night is a bit different.

Big fan. It’s got a vibe


Its a pity the pints are fucking horrible in there though.


What? Pints are lovely in there. Of stout anyway


Last time I was in there they weren’t great. Its put a few people off lately. Each to their own. Its a grand spot. A cunt to get out of though.

Definitely a unique pub and has a different level of friendliness to most places.

I was in there one night last year, an elderly enough woman came in and sat down next to me with her pint and first thing she told me was that her sister died earlier that day. Found it amazing that a pub in the city on her own was the place she was most comfortable to be that night but half the place seemed to know her.


It’s a grand spot alright, we’ve taken to calling in there for three pints instead of Fennessy’s or Punches the odd time, it’s very comfortable in there, very friendly. I was drinking Moretti as stout is disgusting no matter where you get it so I’ve no need to be worrying about such trivialities.

Not sure what you’re referring to @habanerocat?

Not sure myself…

Enemy territory cc @Diabhal


You are knocking it out of the park

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Ya cunt but also lovely pints. Enjoy bud.

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One for the midland lads :red_circle::yellow_circle::green_circle:

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Only the real connoisseurs will get this.