The Here's Hoping McIlroy Fucks It Up Again Thread


The whole thing invites the question, what got up your arse over this?


he put his back out doing this Id say


Wouldn’t we all?


I’d say he’s done some rails off that arse.


Rory is British, you mong.


Rory transcends nationality.
The Greatest Irish sportsman of all time, from the same country as your beloved Martin McG


In one breath

“Rory transcends nationality”

In the next line

The greatest “insert false nationality here”

You couldn’t make it up.


Martin had an Irish passport, mate. Rory is British as is each of their rights -

Rory is not Irish - and he plays golf, not a sport.


But I just did make it up


Rory is a great man playing a great sport.


None of that is true.


It’s all true. He’s a gentleman and a competitor. A national treasure.


A gentleman ? - Remind me how a number of his previous romantic relationships ended ?


Poor Rory has taken a while to find “the one”, just as many of us did in our early twenties.


Glass houses bud, glass houses.


I asked you to regale us with how he ended the relationships, mate…


I’m no gentleman


He was a cunt to that young kid who asked for his autograph as well


Ah ffs … when was that?

Pushed him away


Probably every day he goes out on a course.